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The Cube easy release is a convenient addition to the Cube battery of your Van Raam bicycle. The user-friendly lever ensures that the Cube battery release button can be pressed with less force, making it much easier to remove the battery from your bike.

This option is ideal for people who have limited strength. Thanks to the lever, you can effortlessly remove the battery from your bike, which is useful for charging the battery or safely storing your bike. The Cube easy release is suitable for all Van Raam bicycles equipped with a Cube battery.

Order the Cube easy release from a Van Raam dealer

The Cube easy release can be ordered through all Van Raam dealers. The option can also be ordered and installed by the dealer at a later stage. Find your nearest dealer on the dealer page.

  • Less force required to unlock the Cube battery



€ 22.50 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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