Van Raam tricycles Easy Rider cycling together


What is the width of a Van Raam tricycle?

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Van Raam tricycles Easy Rider cycling together

Due to the three wheels, a tricycle is somewhat wider than a standard two-wheeled bike. It's often thought that this difference is significant and that it can be obstructive on the road. In reality, the tricycle width is quite manageable. In this article, we will tell you the actual width of a tricycle and how to navigate it in traffic.

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The exact tricycle width of a Van Raam tricycle

Van Raam offers various types of tricycles in its range. There are traditional tricycles and recumbent tricycles, as well as multi-person bicycles such as duo bikes, wheelchair bikes, and tandems.

A standard two-wheeled bicycle is up to 75 cm wide. A tricycle appears wider because it has two wheels at the front or back of the bike, although the actual difference in tricycle size is often not very large. So, what is the tricycle width of a Van Raam tricycle? Below is a table overview of all our single-person tricycles and their width.

Van Raam tricycles Easy Rider cycling together

DriewielfietsTricycle Width
Easy Rider78 cm
Easy Rider Compact73 cm
Easy Rider Small75 cm
Easy Sport ligdriewieler80 cm
Easy Sport Small77 cm
Husky59 cm
Mini60 cm
Midi75 cm
Maxi Comfort75 cm
Easy Go72 cm
Viktoria80 cm
Viktor89 cm

Navigating the road with a tricycle

During a bike ride, you may encounter various obstacles. These can sometimes be more challenging to navigate due to the three wheels. Fortunately, the design of bike paths increasingly takes tricycle size into account, resulting in fewer bollards or other narrow passages. However, these obstacles are often not a problem to navigate with most tricycles. By reducing speed, you can easily pass the obstacle.

It's not a problem if one wheel goes off the road. By cycling calmly and steering back, you can easily get back on the road.

Maxi Van Raam tricycle

Multi-Person tricycles with three wheels

Van Raam also offers various tricycles for two or three people. These include wheelchair bikes, transport bikes, three-wheeled tandems, and duo bikes. The tricycle width of these two-person tricycles ranges from 75 cm to 113 cm. Thanks to the three wheels, these bikes are very stable and, despite their tricycle size, are easy to maneuver.

Multi-person tricycles

Riding with three or four persons on a tricycle funtrain side-by-side tandem

Storing a tricycle

A tricycle can usually be stored in a shed or storage room because the tricycle width is smaller than a standard door. Want to know more about storing an adapted bike? Then read the article: 7 tips for storing your Van Raam special needs bike.

Experience the tricycle wdth for yourself

At Van Raam dealers, you can make a test ride to experience the tricycle width for yourself. Together with a dealer near you, you can find out which tricycle suits you best.


Free test ride on adapted bicycle in showroom Van Raam Varsseveld
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