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New photos Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike and FunTrain

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Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike

New Van Raam product photos were taken in October 2019. This time, the Fun2Go duo bike and the FunTrain duo bike trailer were photographed again. During the photo shoot, several models were photographed at different locations. See below the result of the photo shoot.

Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike

The Fun2Go duo bike is a three-wheel tandem where users sit next to each other. With most tandems, the users sit behind each other. The advantage for the users for sitting next to each other on the Fun2Go duo bike, is that they can communicate well with each other. On this three-wheel tandem a driver with a passenger can take a seat. The rider can steer the bike and both can pedal while cycling. The Fun2Go duo bike has many optional accessories to choose from, such as the Van Raam pedal assistance, a rotatable seat, a footplate so the passenger doesn't have to pedal along or a direction indicator.

Several advantages of the Fun2Go:

Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike
  • No entry; easy to sit down
  • Best tested
  • Easy communication between users
  • Comfortable adjustable seats
  • Very agile
  • Stable and firm
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect sight for driver and passenger

Van Raam FunTrain duo bike trailer

The FunTrain duo bike trailer is a trailer with two extra passenger seats that can be attached behind the Fun2Go. In this way a driver and three passengers can go on a nice bike ride or for example go for a shopping trip to the city or the village. The driver is the only one who brakes on the FunTrain, but all people can join with cycling. With the switchable freewheel system the passengers are not obliged to cycle along, but it is possible to do this at their own pace or to cycle not at all. It is possible to connect another FunTrain behind the first duo bike trailer, so that a driver can cycle with 5 other passengers.

Several advantages of the FunTrain:

Van Raam duo bike trailer FunTrain
  • Suitable for 1 driver and 3 passengers
  • It is safe
  • 4 persons can pedal
  • Easy to adjust for different people
  • Brakes by his own due to hydraulic overrun brake
  • Easy to adjust te seat

Photos Fun2Go duo bike and FunTrain photo shoot

Take a look at the pictures from the Fun2Go duo bike and FunTrain photo shoot:

  • Van Raam FunTrain duo bike trailer
  • Fun2Go duo bike options Van Raam
  • FunTrain duo bike trailer Van Raam
  • Fun2Go duo bike belts Van Raam
  • Fun2Go duo bike rotatable seat Van Raam
  • Duo bike Fun2Go Van Raam fall
  • Duo bike Van Raam Fun2Go
  • Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam

Curious about how you cycle on the Fun2Go and the FunTrain ? Then watch our instructional video:

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