Van Raam adapted bikes in magazine for elderly people


Van Raam adapted bikes in magazine for elderly people

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Van Raam adapted bikes in magazine for elderly people

Sometimes it is no longer possible to cycle on a two-wheeler, for example because of a certain disability or because you are no longer stable enough and are afraid of falling. But if you have been inside for a long time, nothing is better than going outside again and riding around in nature, especially in sunny weather. The elderly organisation KBO-PCOB dedicates an article in its magazine to cycling on adapted bikes to show what possibilities there are to keep moving when cycling on a normal bike is no longer possible.

Senior Citizens Organization KBO-PCOB

KBO-PCOB is the largest senior citizens' organisation in the Netherlands. It is an organisation of, for and by members, in which they work for a society in which the elderly can participate fully and in which people care for each other. KBO-PCOB is committed to a strong position for senior citizens, at national, provincial and municipal level. They do this with the help of the 5 spearheads Housing, Welfare and Care, Security, Purchasing Power, Digitisation and Meaningfulness.

Van Raam adapted bikes in the magazine KBO-PCOB

KBO-PCOB also has a magazine for senior citizens with news, columns and inspiring initiatives. In the May issue of the magazine there is an article dedicated to cycling on adapted bicycles.

Insecure in traffic

There can be several reasons why someone can no longer ride a normal bike or no longer dare to do so. Especially for seniors, getting on and off the bike is something they regularly encounter and are afraid of falling. Fortunately, there are solutions for these problems. For people who can still cycle independently, a tricycle, for example, is an option. Because of the third wheel, you don't have to keep your balance and, even if you are standing still, you can just sit and not fall over.

Van Raam adapted bikes in magazine for elderly people

The image of a tricycle

Despite the fact that a tricycle is an excellent alternative if you can not ride a two-wheeled bike or do not dare to ride it, the image of a tricycle sometimes still wants to discourage people from buying one. However, there is an increasing shift here, which can certainly be seen with today's bicycles. Nowadays there are also more and more seniors who use a tricycle or duo bicycle. More information about the image of a tricycle can be found in the article.

Interview Wim te Kaat Fun2Go Duo Bike

The article also includes an interview with Wim te Kaat (78) and his guide Frank Roos about cycling on Van Raams side by side tandem Fun2Go. Wim has a mental disability and lives in a care facility. Because he broke his hip a few years ago, his mobility has decreased, but that doesn't stop him from going outside. And more and more people follow him.

Look at the bicycles from Van Raam

Van Raam is a manufacturer of uniquely adapted bicycles for people with a disability, but also for people who no longer dare to ride a traditional two-wheeled vehicle. Van Raam makes:

Almost all models are also available electrically. The bikes are custom made we try to make sure that as many people as possible ride a bike (again).

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Van Raam employees bicycle factory for adapted bicycles in Varsseveld

How do you ride a tricycle?

Nowadays, more and more people are using adapted bicycles, whether it is a traditional tricycle, a scooter bicycle or a side by side tandem where the users sit next to each other. But changing from a two-wheeler to a more adapted bicycle often takes getting used to, especially if it is a tricycle. But how do I ride a tricycle? In the video below, the Dutch Cyclists' Association explains how to ride a tricycle. With these tips you will feel much safer and more secure when riding a tricycle. Read more about this in the article 'Cycling on a tricycle for adults'.

E-Bike tricycle from Van Raam

An e-bike tricycle is specially designed for people who need extra support and stability when cycling. Van Raam offers different versions of e-bike tricycles; e-bike tricycles that are equipped with an electrical system. Thanks to the pedal support you need less effort, which makes it easy to cover longer distances by bike, but you will also cover these distances faster. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. An e-bike supports you, but does not take all the work out of your hands. You keep pedalling yourself, which is good for your physical condition, and because it is easier to cycle, some people move more than when using a two-wheeler. Read more about e-bike tricycles in the article "An adapted e tricycle from Van Raam".

Which bicycle is suitable for me?

By orientating yourself, you can find out which bike is right for you and we can and want to help you with this. For example, you can look at our different bikes on the website and read our user experiences, but you can also request a test ride, where a technical advisor will advise you on our various adapted bikes and explain which bike might be of interest to you. You can also visit a dealer that is in your area. Read more about our different tricycles in the article Tricycle for adults. You can also test the bikes yourself on our test track. With various special options you can adapt the bicycle to your wishes.

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An adapted e-tricycle from Van Raam

Financing of an adapted bicycle

The purchase of an adapted bike can be expensive, but there are ways to finance it.Fortunately, there are several ways to purchase a special needs bike. For example, you can buy a special needs bicycle privately or maybe through your municipality or a special foundation. If you decide to buy the bicycle privately, you can also consider holding a fundraising or crowdfunding campaign to raise the right amount of money. In the article "Tips for raising money for a special needs bike" we will give you useful tips on how to raise money for your special needs bike.

User experiences
User experience Easy Rider tricycle - Chris Koekoek
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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Chris Koekoek
My name is Chris Koekoek and I was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) in 2018. SCA is a disease of the nerves in which the nerves don’t pass on their signals properly to the muscles. With the Easy Rider tricycle I feel like I have my freedom and mobility back.
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User experience side-by-side tandem Fun2Go Henk and Ina
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Customer experience side-by-side tandem Fun2Go – Henk and Ina
Henk and Ina have their own custom Fun2Go double rider cycle. With Ina as main rider and Henk as co-rider they enjoy many rides and the nature and surroundings around them. In this article, Henk and Ina tell more about their experiences.
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User experience low step through bike Tavara Balance - Albert Smit
9 / 10
User experience low step through bike Tavara Balance - Albert Smit
Until 2006 Van Raam made the Tavara Balance, the forerunner of the current Balance low step through two-wheeler bike. The Tavara Balance is also a low step through bike where the rider can always stand with two feet on the ground. Meanwhile, the Tavara Balance is replaced by the Balance bike, but people are still cycling around on this safe and comfortable bike. Among these Tavara bicycle users is Albert Smit. Albert Smit is 78 years old and has been using his Balance Tavara for over a decade. Read more about his experiences below.
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