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Standard handlebar layout of Van Raam bikes

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Handlebar Van Raam bike

With the introduction of the Silent smart display in 2023, the steering configurations of Van Raam bikes have been adjusted. Read in this article what the current standard steering setup of a Van Raam bike is.

Controls on the handlebars

All Van Raam bikes come equipped with a bell, grips, and brakes. In addition, there are also various options that can be mounted on the handlebars. The most popular options mounted on the handlebars are:

  • Electric system controls: Silent smart display and button unit

  • Gears

Current standard steering setup

In a standard steering setup, the Silent smart display is mounted in the middle of the handlebars. The button unit of the electric system is located on the left side. And the bell and gears are on the right side. The brakes and grips are positioned on both the left and right sides of the handlebars.

Standard handlebar layout of Van Raam bikes

Previous standard steering setup

Bicycles sold before April 2023 had a different steering setup. In this setup, the Smart display and gears were located on the right side of the handlebars. The bell was on the left side. The brakes and grips were positioned on both the left and right sides."

Previous standard handlebar layout of Van Raam bikes

Customized handlebars and steering configurations

All Van Raam bicycles are custom-made, tailored to the needs of the customer. Therefore, it is possible to choose deviations from the standard bike. This may mean that a different handlebar suits a customer better or that a different steering configuration is desired. Discover in the article 'A special handlebar for your special needs bike' which handlebars are all possible on a customized bike from Van Raam.

A different steering configuration can be chosen when more options are added to the bike. Or when someone, for example, wants all control elements on one side of a handlebar. Preferences for a different steering configuration can be indicated during a test ride at a Van Raam dealer or Van Raam.

Handlebar Van Raam bike
Huidige standaard stuurindeling

Take a test ride

Would you like to try out a Van Raam bike? Then get in touch with Van Raam or a Van Raam dealer. During a test ride, you can also ask all your questions about the possible steering configurations.

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