Option balance pedals for Van Raam special needs bike


Pedals for Van Raam special needs bicycles

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Option balance pedals for Van Raam special needs bike

Good pedals are important to make your cycling experience as enjoyable as possible. Van Raam has different bike pedals in its range, so there is always something that suits you. Read more about the different bicycle pedals in this article.

Standard pedals on Van Raam Bikes

Your bike starts moving when you pedal. You apply force to the pedals, and the pedals in turn set the chain and wheels of your bike in motion. This is how you move forward. 

Van Raam bikes come standard with high-quality pedals. These bike pedals provide good grip, which is important for a safe cycling experience. It reduces the chance of your feet slipping off the pedals while cycling. 

In addition, these pedals are wear-resistant. This means they can withstand regular use. The bicycle pedal remains of good quality, so you don't need to replace them regularly.

Standard pedal on special needs bicycles Van Raam

Adapted pedals for Van Raam bicycles

It's possible that our standard pedals don't suit your needs. That's why we also offer many other types. Below, we list the pedals we offer and who they might be suitable for.

Option balance pedals for Van Raam special needs bike
Option foot fixation on Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem
platform pedal van raam bicycle ergotec
Van Raam Bike Pedal Extenders 2 cm
Lower leg fixation specia needs bike Van Raam

Other Options for Special Needs Bicycles

In addition to different types of pedals, Van Raam also offers many other options to adapt your bike to your needs. For example, you can choose our own pedal assistance system for extra convenience and support while cycling. Or choose a mirror, cane holder or basket. View all our options on the options page.


Try our pedals during a test ride

Not sure which pedals are suitable for you? Come to Van Raam for a test ride by appointment. Our advisors will look at which bike and pedals are suitable for you, and you can try them out right away on our test track. You can also visit one of our dealers near you for more information about our bikes.

Free test ride

Free test ride on adapted bicycle in showroom Van Raam Varsseveld

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