How to attach and remove a Van Raam Cube battery


How to attach and remove a Van Raam Cube battery?

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How to attach and remove a Van Raam Cube battery

How to attach and remove a Van Raam Cube battery easily on a custom bike can be read in this instructional article with video. Also read a few handy tips on how to see if the battery fits well on your bike.

Video: Attaching and removing a Van Raam Cube battery

A Cube battery can be found on electric tricycles, side-by-side tandems and tricycle tandems. Watch how to attach and remove the battery from the bike in the following video.

Tip: This video is spoken, turn on subtitles for accompanying text and explanations.

How to attach a Van Raam Cube battery pack?

To attach the Cube battery pack to a Van Raam bike, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the battery pack securely with both hands!

  2. Slide the battery (always) straight into the holder and never at an angle.

  3. Take the key from the battery and turn it halfway.

  4. For an Easy Rider: Connect the cable of the external charging point to the battery.

How to attach and remove a Van Raam Cube battery


Use a little force when sliding the battery into the holder to ensure that the connector fits securely. You can pull on the battery handle to make sure the battery is properly attached. 
Another tip is to turn on the display after placing the battery. If the battery is in the right place, it will switch on and the automatic lighting will also switch on.

How do you remove a Van Raam Cube battery from the bicycle?

After you have switched off the bike's display, you can remove the battery from the bike.

Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Remove the cable from the external charging point from the battery.

  2. Unlock the battery by turning it open with the key.

  3. Then press the lock.

  4. Push the battery back slightly - this makes removing the battery easier.

  5. At the same time, pull the battery out of the holder with the other hand.

Attention! Hold the battery firmly with both hands.

how to remove a Van Raam cube battery from a bicycle

Tip: Cube easy release

With the Cube easy release, you can easily remove the Cube battery. Thanks to this convenient option, you can press the release button with less force. Learn more about the Cube easy release on the options page.

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Try out the Cube battery during a test ride

In our showroom in Varsseveld you can take a test ride and also learn how to place and remove the battery on your bike. Atechnical adviser will help you choose the bike that suits you best. On our test track it is possible to do test rides on different surfaces and practice real traffic situations. Afterwards, you will receive a quotation that you can take to a Van Raam dealer without obligation to order your special bike this way.

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