Video external charging point at electric tricycle Easy Rider


Video external charging point on electric tricycle Easy Rider

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Video external charging point at electric tricycle Easy Rider

Do you want to charge the electric tricycle Easy Rider 3 via an easily accessible charging point, without removing the battery from the bike? Read more about the external charging point in the backrest of the Easy Rider in this article with video.

Charging the Easy Rider with external charge point in the backrest

Watch the video below to see where the external charging point is located on the electric tricycle Easy Rider and how the charging works.

What exactly is the external charging point on the Easy Rider?

The battery of an Easy Rider with pedal support needs to be charged regularly after a bike ride. Besides the 'regular' way of charging, where you read more about in the article 'How does a Van Raam battery work and how to charge it?' it is also possible to charge the battery of your electric tricycle Easy Rider via the external charging point.

The external charging point is standard integrated in the special backrest of the Easy Rider 3. Thanks to this external loading point the battery can be charged via an easily accessible chargingpoint without removing the battery from the bike. There is no need to bend down to charge the battery.

Video external charging point at electric tricycle Easy Rider

How does charging via the external charging point work?

Read the following step by step instructions on how to charge the Easy Rider electric tricycle via the external charging point.

Step 1:

Place the Easy Rider on the parking brake so that the bike doesn't roll away.

Step 2:

Plug the charger into the wall socket.

Step 3:

Insert the charger into the external charging point. Due to the magnetic plug, the charger will immediately connect to the battery. The LED light turns red. The battery is now being charged.

Step 4:

As soon as the battery is charged, the LED light turns green. The charger can be removed from the external charging point and the plug from the socket.

Step 5:

The Easy Rider is charged now and you can enjoy a nice bike ride again.

Van Raam Easy Rider electric tricycle charging via external charging point

Externer Aufladepunkt nur für Easy Rider 3!

Der externe Aufladepunkt ist nur für Easy Rider's ab Januar 2021 oder jünger verfügbar. Ein externer Aufladepunkt ist bei den älteren Modellen des Easy Rider nicht möglich. Bei den älteren Modellen entfernen Sie zum Laden den Akku des Fahrrads. Optional kann der Akku auch direkt in der Halterung (hinten unten) geladen werden, dazu müssen Sie sich bücken.

More about the electric Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider, third generation tricycle with seat by Van Raam, has a unique frame with a low entry and low center of gravity. Cycling with the Easy Rider is very easy, even if you have never cycled on a tricycle. On the product page of the Easy Rider you can find all information, such as technical specifications and see more pictures and videos.

Do you have an electric tricycle Easy Rider and want to know more about the pedal support of Van Raam? On the pedal support page you can read more. Van Raam's award-winning pedal support system has the following benefits:

  • Very easy to operate
  • 3 support levels
  • Extremely high quality and safe batteries and virtually silent but very powerful electric motors
  • Starting aid to start pedalling easily
  • Pedalling forwards and backwards with pedal support
  • Smart E-Bike with free Van Raam E-Bike App

More about pedal support

Electric tricycle for adults Easy Rider by Van Raam

Testing an Easy Rider with external charge point during a test ride

Curious how the electric tricycle Easy Rider rides or how the external charge point works exactly? You can test it during a free test ride at Van Raam. In Van Raam's spacious showroom you get advice from a technical advisor by appointment and it is possible to try the Easy Rider, for example on the bike test track.

After the test ride you will get a no-obligationquote to take home, with which you can order the Easy Rider at a Van Raam dealer. Read more about making a test ride on the Test ride page. At some Van Raam dealers it's also possible to make a test ride. Contact a dealer in your area to discuss the possibilities.

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Easy Rider with external charging point testing during a test ride at Van Raam
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