Questions about Van Raam bicycle battery and fire safety


Questions about the Van Raam bike battery and fire safety

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Questions about Van Raam bicycle battery and fire safety

You have probably heard of it or are even a little afraid of it, a bike battery that catches fire. We can already hear you thinking: Can this happen to my bike? And what about the fire safety of my bike battery? In this article we answer important questions about the fire hazard of Van Raam e-bike batteries.

Is there a fire risk with Van Raam bike batteries?

Van Raam has been using Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries since 2012: Van Raam cube, cube heavy and slim. The rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are very popular and are used for manye-bikes. The batteries charge quickly, last a long time and have a very high capacity, resulting in a light battery with a long operating time. Many advantages, but unfortunately this battery is not entirely without danger due to the high concentration of energy. If the battery is damaged or not used properly, there is a risk of fire.

Questions about Van Raam bicycle battery and fire safety
Van Raam cube, cube heavy and slim battery

What can go wrong with my Lithium Ion bike battery?

If a bikebattery is used properly, little can happen, but unfortunately it sometimes happens that something goes wrong. An overheated bike battery, the possibility of an explosion or even a battery catching fire. Fire safety of a bike battery is important and it is therefore very important that a bike battery should be handled with care. You will read in the next paragraph how to do this.

How should I handle the fire safety of my bike battery?

The main tip: handle your battery with care! It sounds logical, but this does not always happen. This may also have to do with ignorance. That's why we've listed a few important tips:

  • Use only the supplied Van Raam battery and charger. Used Van Raam bicycle? Check the battery for fall damage.

  • Don't drop the battery; the cause of a bikebattery fire can often be traced back to a fall. It may look like nothing is wrong, but inside there may have been damage that can lead to a bike battery fire. Has your battery been dropped, damaged or deformed? Then don't take any chances, advises the Royal Dutch Tourist Association ANWB, a Dutch organization for traffic and tourism. "Put it outside and return the battery as soon as possible. You can hand in your battery at a Van Raam dealer or at the recycling centre of your municipality, depending on the country you live in.

Fire safety bicycle battery do not drop the battery
Do not drop the battery
  • The housing of the battery pack and the charger must not be opened. If your battery pack is not working properly anymore, please contact your Van Raam dealer. Do not open the battery pack yourself to see if anything can be repaired.

  • Do not use reconditioned batteries. A Van Raam battery may/can not be reconditioned for safety and proper operation of the electrical system. On a rebuilt battery is often no certification for the transport standard, so the battery may not be transported.

  • Do not pierce the battery. Puncturing a battery can lead to acute dangerous situations.

  • Do not attach anything to the battery. Anything made to the batteries can cause the battery to not lose its heat properly, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Tips for charging and storing the bike battery

For the fire safety of the bike battery, we recommend storing the battery at room temperature. A battery can not withstand too high and too low temperatures. In addition, it is wise not to charge batteries that feel hot. Make sure the charger can get rid of its heat and keep the charger clean and dry. We also recommend charging and storing the battery near a fire alarm. If things go wrong and the fire alarm goes off, the battery can still be taken outside quickly. And finally, when the charger is not in use or when the bikebattery is full, unplug the charger and disconnect the battery. Full is full.

Is the weather getting colder outside? Then also read our tips for getting the most out of your electric Van Raam bike in the colder months of the year.

Battery tips at lower temperatures


Read the bike user manual carefully. It contains these and other important tips for the correct use of your Van Raam bike battery. The most recent version of the Van Raam user manuals can be found on the product page of the relevant bike.

Van Raam takes extra measures for fire safety of bike batteries

Van Raam considers the safety of its customers, and therefore the fire safety of bike batteries, very important. Besides the fact that the battery meets the European safety measures, Van Raam has added extra safety measures. The batteries have a Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors and controls the charging and discharging of the battery. The Van Raam batteries are equipped with an extra fuse that can intervene if the BMS cannot do its job properly. The fuse will break the moment the current flows when it should not or if there is too much current.

As little wiring as possible

In addition, Van Raam has chosen to use as few wires as possible in the battery to minimize the risk of short circuits or other dangerous situations. The batteries therefore have more safety measures than those prescribed by European legislation.

Additional measures fire safety bicycle battery Van Raam
Wiring Van Raam bike battery

What if something happens to my Van Raam bike battery?

It is important to recognize the dangers of an unsafe bikebattery. Is there any leaking liquid from your battery? Is the battery overheated? Do you smell a strong odor, smoke or is the battery on fire? Take action immediately! If the plug is still in the socket, pull it out if possible and call the emergency center as soon as possible. Note: Do not extinguish the battery with water yourself! Released gases react violently with water, which can even cause an explosion. The smoke that is released is very toxic. Leave the extinguishing of a (burning) bike battery to the fire department.

More questions about the Van Raam bike battery?

Do you have more questions about the Van Raam bike battery? Check out our article 'Frequently asked questions about Van Raam batteries'. Is the answer not listed? Let us know what your question is and we will help you.

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