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Discover the new Balance low step through bike from Van Raam

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Renewed Balance low step through bicycle

The Van Raam Balance bicycle with a low step through has been renewed! Discover all about this bike in this article. The new Balance is the second generation of this low step through bike and will be available from week 40 of 2022.

The new Balance low step through bike

The new Van Raam Balance is the second generation low entry bike and has many improvements over its predecessor. The bike has a verylow entry level with more space than the first generation Balance, making it even easier to get on.

Another improvement is that the lock is placed at the rear wheel instead of the front wheel. This makes it easier to reach the lock and to lock the bike. In addition, the bike has wide balloon tyres as standard, making it extra comfortable to cycle.

Renewed Balance low step through bicycle

Modern design

In addition, many improvements have been made to the design. Thus, the Balance has been given a tough, modern look. Many elements, such as the wider mudguards, front fork and luggage rack are standard matte black, which contributes to this look.

Instead of vacuum forming, the chainguard is produced by means of injection moulding at Van Raam's sister company Your Plastic Solutions. This technique makes the chainguard even more solid.

Watch the videos and photos of the Balance below

  • Van Raam Balance low step through bike renewed
  • Renewed Balance low step through bike Van Raam both feet on the ground
  • Renewed Balance low step through bike Van Raam spacious step through
  • Renewed Balance two wheel bicycle with low step through Van Raam
  • Renewed Balance bike with low step through Van Raam
  • Renewed Van Raam Balance low step through bike

Good elements remain in the renewed Balance

Of course, the first generation of the Balance low step through bike has many good elements. These are still present in the new Balance. For instance, the Balance has a good ergonomic seating position that relieves your wrists, neck and shoulders. The seat has been slanted backwards which has two advantages:

  • You pedal forwards, which allows you to use the power in your legs better while cycling and you cycle with a stretched leg.

  • You can always stand flat with both feet on the ground. So if you have to stop to cross the street, you don't have to step off but stand firmly on the ground. It allows you to always start cyclingfrom a stable standing position.

The renewed Balance is also available in several frame sizes.

A colour of your choice

The Balance is delivered as standard in the colour Grey-blue matt (RAL 5008). For a small additional charge, you can also choose Signal Red gloss (RAL 3001) or Light Ivory matt (RAL 1015). If you would like a different colour, that's no problem! It is possible to have your Van Raam bicycle powder coated in almost any RAL colour.

Colour of your choice

Renewed Balance low step through bike Van Raam colour of your choice

Options for your low entry bike

There are many options available for the low entry level bike so you can customise it to your own needs. For example, you can choose crank shorteners, pedal extensions or a stick holder. In the price list on the product page you can see all the options for the Balance.

Electric bicycle

One of the options is pedal support. This new Balance is available with the Van Raam pedal support system, the Silent electro system. This system is specially designed for Van Raam's adapted bicycles and provides extra support while cycling. See the pedal support page for more information about this system.

Pedal support

Renewed Balance low step through bike with pedal support Van Raam

For whom is the low step through Balance?

The Balance is suitable for anyone looking for more security and safety while cycling and who cannot find this on a regular two-wheel bike. The low step through and the position of the saddle that allows you to reach the ground with your feet contribute to a safer feeling.

Are you looking for more stability while cycling? Then check out the Maxi Comfort tricycle with low step trough.

Read everything on the Balance product page

On the product page of the Balance you can find more information, pictures and the technical specifications. You can also view the price list there. This lists all the options that are available for this low step through bike.

View the Balance

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