cycling together on duobike fun2go with dementia van raam


Cycling as a social activity

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cycling together on duobike fun2go with dementia van raam

Social inclusion and participation in society are of great importance. People who have an active lifestyle and cycle regularly have more contact with others, are generally happier and often live longer than those with fewer social contacts.

Social interaction

Connection with others is important for your health and quality of life. Social interactions can reduce loneliness and, for example, prevent depression. By going out, you can meet new people and remain involved in daily life. With cycling, you have more freedom, self-reliance and independence. You can go to work, school or just take a bike ride on your own again. In this way, trips that were not possible before can be made again. Cycling is also beneficial for your overall health, your muscles and it improves your fitness. Furthermore, cycling leads to more social interaction, as you return to places you otherwise could not reach or reach easily. In this way, you are less dependent on family, friends or neighbors. Even if you face certain mobility challenges, with a customized bike from Van Raam, you can still participate in society.

cycling together on duobike fun2go with dementia van raam


Cycling is accessible to almost everyone, regardless of age or disability. Van Raam offers various options to enable cycling together. On the Van Raam Fun2Go Duobike, you can even sit next to each other, allowing for good communication. The FunTrain duobike trailer can be attached behind the Fun2Go, allowing a driver to cycle with three passengers. Van Raam also offers tandems where you sit in line while cycling. Many people can no longer ride a standard bicycle with two wheels for various reasons. Van Raam offers a solution here and provides bicycles such as tricycles, giving you the opportunity to cycle again. Below you will find an overview of Van Raam's bicycles.

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Customer Experiences
Customer experience electric tandem Twinny Anne Verhoeven
8.5 / 10
Customer experience electric tandem Twinny - Anne Verhoeven
Anne is 22 years old and has been visually impaired since the age of 9. Previously she cycled on a tandem without electric assistance, but recently she has purchased a Twinny electric tandem. Read more about Anne's experiences here.
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Customer experience family Kraus side by side bike Fun2Go Van Raam
9 / 10
Customer experience Fun2Go side by side bike – Family Kraus
Wolfgang and Maria Kraus have a passion for cycling. Although they have the Fun2Go side by side bike only just for 2 years, they already cycled more than 20 000 kilometers. The many great trips improved their quality of life. Read here more about their beautiful experiences with the Fun2Go side by side bike.
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User experience tandem Twinny - Danielle Felling-Claesen
9 / 10
User experience tandem Twinny - Danielle Felling-Claessen
He is super happy that he can cycle again! What a nice bike.
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Take a test ride

An extensive test drive with a Van Raam bike is very important. If you have experience of riding a two-wheeler, you should bear in mind that a tricycle rides very differently. Would you like a free test ride with one or more bicycles? Then click on the button to make an appointment in the plans. Plan your free test ride. Or find a dealer in your area to make an appointment.

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