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Building fitness while cycling

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Easy Sport therapeutic tricycle Van Raam

Cycling is good for your fitness as well as your health. In this article, we provide you with some tips for building your fitness while cycling.

Tips for building stamina through cycling

Cycling (electrically) is good for your fitness, but building it requires consistency and a good approach. Below are some tips that can help in building your fitness:

  • If you gradually increase the intensity of cycling, your heart rate will rise and consequently so will your endurance. With an electric bike from Van Raam, you can gradually reduce the pedal assistance of your bike. It's important to build this up slowly and to ensure enough rest between and after cycling so that your muscles can recover.

  • Regular cycling is important, and in this regard, cycling short distances regularly is better than, for example, cycling one longer distance only. Cycling approximately 2 to 3 times a week is important for building your fitness. This allows your body to adapt better and thus you build fitness more quickly.

  • When possible, you can engage in interval training while cycling. This involves alternating between cycling at a moderate pace and occasionally cycling at a faster pace. This can help you build your fitness faster than cycling at a constant speed.

Easy Sport therapeutic tricycle Van Raam

Environmental factors

Building stamina is a process that takes some time. Additionally, how quickly you build your stamina while cycling depends on many different factors. The length of your cycling trip plays a role, but also how fast you cycle, for example. The environment is also important; is your cycling route hilly or mostly flat? Of course, it also depends on the level of support of your electric bike and to what extent you pedal yourself. Weather also affects the intensity of cycling; for example, do you have headwinds or tailwinds?

Cycling on a (electric) bike not only improves your fitness, but also offers the opportunity to train your muscles. The risk of injuries is reduced by gradually building up your fitness and not overloading your muscles. In our article: "Which muscles do you train while cycling?" can you find more information about this.

Heart rate

Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood to your organs. During cycling, the muscles require more oxygen, causing your heart rate to increase. You can optionally measure your heart rate during cycling with a heart rate monitor. For building fitness, it's important to maintain approximately 65 to 75% of your maximum heart rate, meaning that you should still be able to talk easily while cycling. You may consult a medical professional for personalized advice.

Customized bike by Van Raam

Would you also like to improve your fitness while cycling? Van Raam manufactures customized bikes for people who, for various reasons, can no longer ride a standard bike. The bicycles can be adjusted to individual needs and expanded with various options. Read the experiences of our users and explore our various bicycle models below.

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