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Customer experience electric tandem Twinny - Leon Meijer

Customer Experience Electric Tandem Twinny Léon Meijer
8 / 10

In this customer experience, meet Leon Meijer. Discover how he found his new Twinny electric tandem at Van Raam and can now once again enjoy beautiful cycling trips.

Twinny tandem
(RAL 7038) Agate grey
Pedal assist
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Introducing Myself

"I am Leon Meijer, 50 years old, residing in Tolkamer, and have been blind my entire life. Consequently, cycling on a regular bike is not possible for me. My passions include driving together and playing the accordion. I stay with my father and sister every other week, with whom I cycle. I use a Twinny tandem bike, which I have been riding for a year now."

Customer Experience Electric Tandem Twinny Léon Meijer

Previous Bikes

"I have been cycling since I was a child. In the past, my father welded two regular bikes together, creating my tandem. After that, I had tandems from various brands. My previous tandem was difficult to pedal and uncomfortable, so we started looking for a different one. Eventually, I ended up at Van Raam."

In the past, my father welded two regular bikes together, and I used this as a tandem. But now, I cycle on a Van Raam tandem bike.

Leon Meijer

My Van Raam Tandem Bike

"I ride the Van Raam Twinny tandem. I have it in the color (RAL 7038) Agate Grey. I opted for the tandem with pedal assistance. The new Van Raam tandem bike rides very smoothly, and the tandem itself is comfortable. This is especially nice when cycling longer distances. As a blind individual, starting off can be a bit challenging at times, but once we're on the road, it goes well. I would give the Twinny a rating of 8!"

Customer Experience Leon Meijer Van Raam Electric Tandem

My Cycling Experience

"Especially during the summer months, I prefer cycling; I find cycling in the winter less enjoyable. Weekly, I cover significant distances in the summer, sometimes up to 60 kilometers per day. This activity also benefits my back, as I often experience discomfort there. A trip to Arnhem, followed by a delightful meal, is always enjoyable for me because cycling then serves a clear purpose."

Leon Meijer - Tolkamer, the Netherlands

Bike: Twinny tandem with electric assistance

Pros & cons
  • Low step through
  • Adjustable seat
  • cycles lightly
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