3 tips to overcome cycling anxiety by van raam


3 tips to overcome cycling anxiety

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3 tips to overcome cycling anxiety by van raam

Cycling is a wonderful means of transportation. It often brings relaxation in the open air and a sense of freedom. However, this may not be the case if you have a fear of cycling. Explore the causes of cycling anxiety and discover tips to overcome it in this article.

Causes of cycling anxiety

If you find cycling nerve-wracking and wish to overcome your cycling fear, it's essential to first identify the cause. Cycling anxiety can stem from various factors. The most common causes include:

  • Fear of falling.

You lack confidence in your personal skills and are afraid of falling. This could be due to a lack of cycling experience or the loss of certain skills, such as maintaining balance.

  •  Fear of busy traffic.

You feel anxious about navigating through busy traffic. This fear may have always existed or developed over the years.

Overcome your fear of cycling with these tips

Tips to overcome cycling anxiety

If you are struggling with cycling anxiety, you might find the following tips helpful:

  • Choose the right bike.

If you frequently experience falls with your current bike, it may not be the right fit for you. Perhaps the bike is too large or too small. It's also possible that a conventional two-wheeler is not suitable for you anymore. In that case, explore if there is an adapted bike that better suits your needs. This could be a bike with a low step-through frame or perhaps a tricycle for added stability.

3 tips to overcome cycling anxiety by van raam
  •  Practice, practice, practice!

Practice as much as possible before hitting the road for real. Do this in a familiar environment with minimal traffic. Also, ask if someone can assist you during practice, such as walking beside you. Did you know that the Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists' Union) also offers cycling lessons? They provide lessons, including those for newcomers to the Netherlands and seniors.

  •  Plan your route in advance

If you feel particularly anxious about cycling in busy traffic, it might be helpful to plan your route in advance, avoiding crowded traffic situations. Try to utilize bike paths as much as possible.

Van Raam adapted bikes

Van Raam offers an extensive range of adapted bikes for individuals who cannot ride a conventional bicycle. Are you curious if a Van Raam bike is right for you? Schedule an appointment for a consultation in our showroom in Varsseveld. During this appointment, you will receive non-binding advice from our technical advisors and the opportunity to try out multiple bikes on our test track. You can also take a test ride at some Van Raam dealers. Check the dealerpage to find a dealer near you.

Van Raam's assortment

Below, explore our assortment of adapted bikes that may assist you in overcoming your cycling anxiety.

van raam bikes that assist with overcoming cycling anxiety

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