Customer experiences

Every day, Van Raam receives kind messages from its users. We'd like to share some of these messages with you so that we can show you the many possibilities of using a custom bike.

See below for various customer experiences:

Husky tricycle

"With the Husky tricycle, David, our youngest son with a light CP, could participate this weekend with the bicycle parade in the neighborhood. Participating is so important!"

Paula (mother of David) - Leeuwarden

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Mini tricycle

"Although Duncan is in a wheelchair, he is just as happy as his peers and wants to be part of it as much as any other child. That's why he has a Mini tricycle."

Mother of Duncan - Gorinchem

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Midi tricycle

"I'm Ashnadebie. Every day I have to deal with my chronic disorder, osteoarthritis and a slow working thyroid. I also have a difference in height in my legs and I can't cycle on my own without help."

Ashnadebie Kalidien - Rijswijk

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Easy Rider Junior tricycle

"Our daughter has a muscle disease. Through Medipoint we've ordered an Easy Rider Junior children tricycle. What a fantastic bike!"

Paul and Jenny van Fenema - Culemborg

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Maxi tricycle

"Theo likes to go out with his Maxi tricycle and with his girlfriend, who also has a Maxi. They regularly make cycling trips and even go on cycling holidays together."

Theo Wittebol - Hoorn

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Maxi Comfort tricycle

"I used to cycle on a normal e-bike, but I couldn't get on and off anymore. This made me feel insecure and I hadn't cycled in a while, so my husband and I went in search of a special needs bike."

Gerda Feteris - Gelselaar

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Easy Rider tricycle

"After years of ignoring symptoms, I can no longer ignore it: I have a muscle disease. My life is completely turned upside down and I'm confronted with my limitations."

Linda Nanning - Dongen

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Easy Sport recumbent trike

"I sat on the Twinny tandem with my parents until July 2020. Still, I wanted to be able to cycle independently and started looking for an alternative, which became the Easy Sport recumbent trike."

Luuk Heijnders - Amersfoort

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OPair wheelchair bike

"We had always been looking for something that would fit our needs as a family, but also work for him. We've been able to plan trips that are so different than we ever planned before!"

Family Ford - Portsmouth

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"My name is Angelica Malinverni and I'm the mom of Caterina, who has had a disability since birth. We recently purchased the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and it has changed our lives!"

Angelica Malinverni - Italy

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Twinny tandem

"Participate is the magic word. Also in traffic. Koen has Down's syndrome and very low muscle tension, which is why we have been using Van Raam's bicycles for years."

Eugène te Wildt - ‘s-Heerenberg

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Twinny Plus tandem

"My wife and I cycled a lot together, until Alzheimer's disease took away her independence. On top of that, she had back surgery and a bike crash was unavoidable."

Louis Lameire - Oostkamp

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Kivo tandem

"Steven Boers (15) has down syndrome and lives in Zwolle, together with his parents and brothers. The Boers family is very active and they like to go out with the Kivo child parent tandem."

Family Boers - Zwolle

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Kivo Plus tandem

"When Robin came to live with us he brought his wonderful parent and child tandem! We had to practise a bit and now we have made some nice bike rides!"

Antoinette Krol - Doetinchem

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"My wife has trouble walking. Recently we purchased the Fun2Go duo bike. We like to go on vacations in France with the duo bike."

Gérard Gatard - Saint Hilaire de Riez

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FunTrain duo bike trailer

"A Thomas House is a small-scale residential facility for people with a mental disability. Besides the Fun2Go duo bike, they now have a FunTrain duo bike trailer for even more cycling fun."

Thomashuis Sint Nicolaasga - the Netherlands

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Balance low step through bike

"I haven't cycled for years due to several reasons. I tried out different bikes without succes, but finally stumbled upon the Balance low step ebike and I knew for sure: this will be my bike!"

Joke Sonke - Hoogerheide

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City Walking aid

"My name is Ronald and I use the City walking aid almost every day. A tumor has caused fractures in my ankle and walking became very painful for me. The walking aid is the solution."

Ronald Hummelink - Eibergen

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Easy Go scooter bike

"My name is Anita. Because of my muscle rheumatism, cycling on my electric bike didn't work anymore and I became isolated. The Easy Go scooter bike gives me back control of my life."

Anita Vis - Woerden

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Chat Rickshaw Bike

"Jan-Willem is a volunteer at Riksja Harderwijk, where he cycles around with people who can't cycle independently (anymore). Recently they received the Chat rikshaw bike from Van Raam."

Riksja Harderwijk - Harderwijk

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