Which type of wheelchair bike is most suitable for you?

For people who can’t (no longer) cycle on a regular bike and who are wheelchair-dependent we have a good and safe alternative .  The wheelchair bikes are used to enable a wheelchair –dependent person to travel by cycle. Van Raam special needs  bikes has various types of  wheelchairbikes: The OPair wheel-chair  bike and the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. We would like tot give you more information about the different wheelchair models.


electric wheelchair bike

Wheelchair bike OPair

The OPair is a wheelchair bike, with which you can transport a wheelchair user. The wheelchair user / passenger sits in the seat on the front side of the cycle. The universal tub can  be adjusted in many ways.  A separate seat can also be mounted, if required. The rider can watch over the passenger and has a good view of the road. The gradually sloping front wheels give the cycle extra comfort and stability while riding.

wheelchair bike and wheelchair

The OPair is suitable for cycling with children or adults, who can’t cycle on their own due to disability, and can make an transfer. With this wheelchair bike you can make trips together with a wheelchair user. Regularly the OPair will be used for transporting the same person because the seat has been adjusted for that person. For more information, such as the technical specifications, take a look at the product page of the OPair wheelchair bike or read more about the bike with wheelchair in front in the article 'Van Raam OPair: bike with wheelchair in front'.

Wheelchair bike used as a wheelchair

Optionally, the wheel-chair part can be detached from the cycle and used independently as a wheelchair.

Details electric OPair wheelchair bike with divisble frame

detachable frame Opair wheelchairbike


detail OPair

detail OPair

motor and battery

motor and battery

frame wheelchair bike

frame wheelchair bike

wheelchair bike details

details wheelchair bike

R82 modular seating

R82 modular seating

detachable frame

detachable frame

divisible frame

frame detached

wheelchair bike

Divisible frame

wheelchair function wheelchairbicycle

wheelchair function

Wheelchairtransporter bicycle

Wheelchair transport bicycle VeloPlus

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle is an wheelchair transporter, where the passenger can keep sitting in his or her own wheelchair. This wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle. The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle . Virtually any hand-driven wheelchair can be driven and fixed easily on the tilted plateau of the wheelchair by one person without transferring the passenger. The widely placed and extra steered front-wheels ensure a reduced turning radius and hence, stability.

The VeloPlus wheelchair bike is suitable for any wheelchair up to 72 cm in width. The VeloPlus is mostly used in homes or institutions for transporting various persons, because the wheelchair can be placed quickly and easily on the plateau by one person. Take a look at the product page of the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike for more information, such as the technical specifications. 

Details electric VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

Belt wheelchair bike


Details wheelchair transport bike

details VeloPlus

Display electric system wheelchair bike


parking brake wheelchair bike

parking brake

plateau wheelchair bike


tilted plateau

tilted plateau

wheelchair bikes

Benefits of wheelchair bikes

The wheelchair bikes have a number of advantages:  

  • They can be taken quite close to the destination;

  • There is social contact between both the persons riding on the bike;

  • One is less dependent on a third person for transportation;

  • The wheelchairbikes are environment-friendly

bicycles for people in a wheelchair

Available accessories and options 

Both wheelchair bikes are available as an electric bike with pedal support. This optional power assist makes it possible for virtually anyone and under almost any circumstances to negotiate long distances. Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for the wheelchair bikes.

The wheelchair bikes can be completely customized using various options. For example: different colors, split frame, safety belts, mirror, foot fixation.

wheelchair bikes by Van Raam

How to choose the perfect wheelchair bike?

This description will give you more information about the different types of wheelchair bikes. We always recommend you to experience for yourself what type of wheelchair bike fits you best. For more information about the wheelchair bikes please contact one of our dealers or make an appointment in our showroom. Read also more in the article 'Tips for cycling with a wheelchair bike'.