Van Raam Dreirad-Zentrum Dealer Days 2019

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (19 and 20 February) the German dealers of the Dreirad-Zentrums visited our new factory and showroom. During these dealer days exciting topics were discussed in different groups.


Our program

These days gave us the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other. The Dreirad-Zentrum dealers gave us insights from the everyday life, which help us to improve our products and we had some information as well as tips & tricks in the topics of marketing, sales, production and service. We ended the first evening with a meal as well as a small bowling competition.
Also our German dealers could get insights into the development and try out our prototypes.

We want you as a rider to always get the best advice and service, so we take these workshops and training days very seriously to develop our products further and to support your dealers in the best possible way.
These were two informative days where the dealers got to know our new factory and our bikes better.   

Van Raam

Van Raam Service Workshop 

Van Raam

Van Raam Sales Workshop 

Van Raam

Van Raam Marketing Workshop 

Van Raam

Van Raam Research & Development Workshop 

Overview Dreirad-Zentrum Dealer Days 2019


Van Raam Production Tour


Van Raam Sales Workshop with our many different options


Van Raam clock welding together.


Van Raam clock blank.


Van Raam Factory Tour.


Bowling together, Van Raam and Dreirad-Zentrum 


Van Raam bowlt together with the Dreirad-Zentrum


Van Raam hands over the Wanderpokal to the Dreirad-Zentrum

Van Raam

Drones group photo of Van Raam and the Dreirad-Zentrum Dealers