Van Raam cargo bike suitable for passenger transport

When you think of the words cargo bike you might think of a bike that's used for the transportation of goods, but did you know that it's also possible to transport passengers with a bike? At Van Raam we have several cargo bikes in our assortment, such as the rickshaw bike Chat, the pedicab GoCab and the wheelchair bikes OPair and VeloPlus. In this article you can read more about these bicycles from Van Raam and how these bicycles can help with passenger transport.

Van Raam's cargo bikes are very suitable for passenger transport
Van Raam's cargo bikes are very suitable for passenger transport

What is a cargo bike?

A cargo bike is a kind of carrier cycle. It is often used by companies, but individuals can also use this transport bike. This bike is used for the transport of goods, but it can also be used for the transport of people or animals.
These carrier cycles have been around for a very long time. Before the car industry made its advance, these bicycles were used a lot. Large loads can be transported with a bicycle. On the front or back of the bicycle is often a container, rack or a carrier on which the cargo can be transported. Since the 1990s, the transport bicycle has been used mainly for transporting children or pets, but it is still used in the business world.

Van Raam's cargo bikes are aimed at transporting passengers, such as children or people in wheelchairs.

Advantages of a cargo bike

The use of a cargo bike has several advantages:
  • With this transport bike you can get to more places. Busy cities are becoming more and more difficult for car traffic, with a cargo bike you can get close to your final destination.
  • Of all means of transport, a bicycle (and of course walking) has the least impact on the environment.

  • For a transport bike you don't need a license, you only must be able to cycle.
  • Cycling is healthy! Read more in the article: '10 reasons why cycling is healthy'.

  • A transport bicycle in which people are transported ensures social contact between the two people.

  • Van Raam's bicycles are available with unique powerful pedal assistance with reverse ride function!
  • A cargo bike has low maintenance and running costs. Read here our 10 tips for the maintenance of a (special needs) bike.

The cargo bikes by Van Raam

At Van Raam we have several cargo bikes in our assortment. Read more about these bikes below and what they can be used for.

Riksja cargo bike Chat by Van Raam suitable for passenger transport

Cargo bike Chat

The rickshaw bike Chat, winner of the Eurobike Gold Award, is meant to be used for passenger transport or for cycling together with adults and/or children who are no longer able to participate independently in traffic. An accompanying person cycles with one or two persons on this cargo bike. The two people who will join as a co-driver, sit next to each other at the front in a specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together. The driver sits behind this cockpit and in this way has an overview of the road, but also of the passengers.

More about the chat
cargo bike GoCab by Van-Raam suitable for children passenger transport

Cargo bike GoCab

The GoCab, winner of a Eurobike Award, is a bicycle taxi and very suitable for organisations that want to transport several children and value safety, environment and fun for the children. This cargo bike can be used as an alternative to a taxi van or other means of transport to transport children from, for example, pre-school care/child care to school. The GoCab has been extensively tested and meets all legal (safety) requirements to transport 8 children safely. Among other things, the transport bike has been carefully checked for high safety requirements, such as a separate hydraulic braking system in which each independent part is always stronger than the engine and the hand brakes can always be used to brake.

More about the GoCab
Cargo bike OPair wheelchair bike by Van Raam

Cargo bike OPair

On the OPair wheelchair bike, the passenger is seated in the seat on the front of the bike. The standard seat can be adjusted in many ways. It is also possible to mount your own seat. Optionally, the wheelchair section can be disconnected from the bicycle and used independently as a wheelchair.

More about the OPair
Van Raam Cargo bike VeloPlus for passenger wheelchair transport

Cargo bike VeloPlus

With the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, the passenger can remain seated in his or her own wheelchair. The co-rider can be wheeled on to the plateau of the cycle easily without having to be lifted. The tilted ramp makes it easy to roll the wheelchair on to the wheel-chair bike and fasten it properly with the wheelchair lock. Without heavy effort and without transfer, the wheelchair is placed on the bike. The optional winch system makes this even easier. Instead of the driver using his or her own power to push the wheelchair user including the wheelchair up or down, the electric winch takes over.

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