User experiences of Van Raam bicycle users

At Van Raam we regularly hear nice stories and experiences from end-users that we would like to share with you. By sharing the user experiences, we want to show people that each story is unique, but that one thing is the same: through the purchase of a special needs bike, people get their mobility and independence back. Are you currently thinking about a special needs bike or are you curious what end users say about Van Raam bikes? In this article you can and find out how much a special needs bike can mean for someone.

User experiences Van Raam bike users
We regularly receive beautiful photos of Van Raam bicycle users

Experiences of special needs bikes

At Van Raam we notice that people who are thinking about a possible purchase of a special needs bike like to read user experiences from others. The best advice about a Van Raam bike comes from the people who cycle on a Van Raam bicycle every day.

For this reason, and because Van Raam can learn a lot from the experiences of our bicycle users, we like to make time to hear, collect and tell the stories of our end users. Read the experiences of Van Raam bicycle users below.

Do you have Van Raam bicycle and would you like to share your experiences with us? At the end of this article you will find exactly how you can best share your experience.

Experiences tricyles for children and adults

You can read several user experiences about the tricycles that Van Raam produces below. A tricycle is often used by people who cannot or do not dare to ride on a regular bike with two wheels. The extra wheel of a tricycle offers these people extra support and stability while cycling. Because of the many options and adjustments that we can add, every Van Raam bicycle is unique! Click on 'read more' to read the entire story of the end user.

Would you like to read more cycling experiences about Van Raam's tricycles? Click on 'read more' at the tricycle of your choice and then click 'all experiences'.

Midi tricycle

"I have been the proud owner of a Midi tricycle from Van Raam for 1,5 years now. One can say that I am in love with this bicycle. This I often say to people when they ask for my bicycle."

Monique van Stuijvenberg - Den Haag

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Maxi tricycle

"I am very satisfied with my new Maxi with electric pedal support. I already had a Maxi of Van Raam before. However, this was without electrical pedal support and I used this bike for about 6 years."

Jan van 't Veld - Zwolle (the Netherlands)

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Easy Rider tricycle

"My name is Krista Pool. I am 39 years old and I live together. Through the WMO (Social Support Act in the Netherlands) I own the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle for adults since the beginning of 2017."

Krista Pool - IJmuiden (the Netherlands)

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Easy Sport recumbent trike

"I have been in possession of an Easy Sport for about a month now and I want to let you know that I am very satisfied. The bike is very well adjustable on my body and I feel absolutely safe with it."

Bernard Van Maele - Menen (Belgium)

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Easy Go scooter bike

"Last year in mid-March I bought the tricycle, Easy to go basic (Easy Go)! Now that I have my bike for 15 months, I wanted to give you an update. I've now ridden 5,000 km on this bike!"

Thea Bockting - Silvolde

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Experiences wheelchair bikes

If you would like to make a bike trip with two persons, but it’s not possible for one of them to cycle, a wheelchair bike may offer possibilities. With our wheelchair bikes you can still enjoy cycling together, even if the other person is in a wheelchair. At Van Raam we have two different types of wheelchair bikes. With our wheelchair bike OPair you can transport the wheelchair user and the front part of the bicycle can be used as an optional wheelchair. With our wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus, the person in a wheelchair can be placed on the bike and both the driver and the 'co-driver' can enjoy the fresh air.

Read some experiences of these wheelchair bikes below. By clicking on these experiences, you can read the other wheelchair experiences. 

OPair wheelchair bike

"Cycling eight hundred kilometers with a wheelchair bike without pedal support. That sounds like a challenge. A challenge that Richard Hernández accepted together with his disabled son Andrés."

Richard Hernández - Buenavista (Spain)

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"We had our delivery recently and we have a cool sister too who has learnt to take her sister for a ride! Here is Erin taking her big sister Lois for a ride!"

Claire Huntingdon - Wakefield

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Experiences tandems and double rider cycle

A tandem is the right bike for people who can still cycle, but who cannot adequately anticipate traffic, possibly resulting in dangerous situations. Van Raam has both tandems with two and three wheels. In addition, you can choose the option to have a switchable freewheel assembled. This switchable freewheel ensures that the two cyclists can pedal on the tandem independently of each other, with the same speed, or the passenger does not pedal at all.

In addition to the traditional tandems, Van Raam also has a three-wheel tandem at which the cyclists can sit side by side, instead of behind each other. This bike has the name Fun2Go. One person steers and both can pedal. Because the cyclists sit next to each other, communication is easy and people can always see each other. The Fun2Go is used a lot by institutions, homes, private individuals and municipalities with people who are not able to participate in traffic independently any longer.

Curious what end users say about Van Raam’s tandems and double rider cycle? Read the user experiences below. If you click on the experience, you can also read more experiences about the tandems and double rider cycles.

Twinny tandem

"He is super happy that he can cycle again! what a nice bike 😬😍"

Danielle Felling-Claessen - Maastricht

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Twinny Plus tandem

"Since April 2018 we are in possession of a Twinny Plus three-wheel tandem with divisable frame. We bought this bike so that we are able to cycle with our son Lucas."

Madelon Boots - De Hoef, Utrecht

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"The Zonnebloem Bennekom double rider bike is seeing a lot of use. Our participants are highly enthusiastic to be finally able to ride a bike again with a volunteer."

Johan Saleming - Bennekom

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Experiences low step through bikes and walking aid

Van Raam also produces low step through bikes and a walking aid. We have the Balance, this is a comfort bike with low entry and a unique developed frame. With the Balance bike you can always stand with both feet to the ground without getting off. We also have the City walking aid. This walking aid is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or problems with standing too long.

Read the experiences of people with a Balance, the old Tavara Balance and the City walking aid below.

Balance low step through bike

"I am Albert Smit (78) and I need an adaptive bike for my heart and lung complaints. I was not able to cycle anymore, due to breathlessness."

Albert Smit - Vaassen (the Netherlands)

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City Walking aid

"My walking support is my buddy. I use this walking bicycle, better said, this walking support with my every move inside my house daily. A big advantage of this bicycle is its maneuverability."

José van Rosmalen - Capelle aan den IJssel

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