Unique riding characteristics of the Maxi tricycle

The Maxi is an adult tricycle made by Van Raam. This trendy, yet traditional tricycle has a number of unique riding characteristics. Curious about which ones? Read more here.

Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi tricycle

Unique riding characteristics of the Van Raam Maxi tricycle

People who are no longer able to cycle on a regular bicycle are looking for a good and safe alternative. A Van Raam tricycle is especially for people who want extra support and stability while cycling.

Van Raam's adult tricycle Maxi is a tricycle with one front wheel and two rear wheels. View 5 unique riding characteristics of Van Raam's Maxi adult tricycle here.

Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi tricycle - stability and safety

1. Stability and safety

The three wheels of the Maxi tricycle ensure stability and balance and that you don't fall over, as you don't have to keep your balance yourself. This gives you a feeling of safety while cycling. Read more about cycling with a tricycle in the article 'Cycling on a tricycle for adults'.

The Van Raam Maxi is a traditional tricycle. You have a high seating position, just like on a regular bicycle. This high seating position provides a good overview of the road, which in turn contributes to safe cycling.

Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi tricycle - easy to get on

2. Easy to get on

The Maxi has a very accessible entry, which helps when getting on and off the tricycle. Thanks to the three wheels on the Maxi, you won't fall over easily, so you can sit down comfortably on the bike. All Van Raam tricycles have a parking brake. If you put the Van Raam Maxi tricycle on the parking brake, you can get on and off safely, without the tricycle rolling away.

Optionally, you can choose an extra low and wide entry, which makes getting on and off even easier.

Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi tricycle - light cycling and agile

3. Light, smooth cycling and agile

With the Maxi tricycle for adults you cycle and steer very lightly, which makes cycling with a disability easier. As an option, you can choose gears with, for example, a freewheel or back-pedal brake.

In addition, Van Raam's Maxi tricycle is quite manoeuvrable because of the single front wheel and because Van Raam's bicycles are equipped with a differential.

Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi tricycle - developed model

4. Developed model

Van Raam manufactures and develops almost all of its bicycles in-house. We try to do this as efficiently and well as possible. We are always innovating, improving and optimizing our bicycles and work processes. We do this in our modern factory in Varsseveld.

The Maxi tricycle is a trendy designed bicycle that has been further developed over the years. The model was given a new and modern design in 2021. Several parts of the Maxi have a fresh new colour. In addition, the chain cases are injection-moulded instead of vacuum-formed. This injection-moulded material is strong and discolours less quickly. Read more about this in the article 'New design for the Maxi and Midi tricycles'.

Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi tricycle - pedal support and smart e-bike

5. Pedal support and Smart E-Bike

The Van Raam Maxi tricycle is optionally available with pedal support. If you opt for an electric tricycle, you'll get an electric tricycle with the unique Van Raam Silent System. This pedal support system was specially developed for and by Van Raam.

Cycling on the Maxi tricycle is even easier with pedal support. Some of the advantages of the Van Raam Silent System and an electric tricycle are:

  • Easy to operate system

  • 3 settings + personal adjustable support

  • Starting aid

  • Cycling forwards and backwards with pedal support

  • An almost noiseless motor

From July 2020, all Van Raam bicycles that are equipped with pedal support will be delivered as Smart E-Bikes. This is a 'smart bike' that is connected to the internet and communicates via the battery. This smart electric bicycle has a smart battery, which has the advantage that you can remotely view a lot of information about your bicycle and its battery(ies) via the app on your phone. Read more about this on the app-page.

Read more about pedal support
Unique riding characteristics Van Raam Maxi adult tricycle

Benefits of the Van Raam Maxi tricycle

Besides the unique riding characteristics mentioned above, the Van Raam Maxi tricycle for adults has even more benefits:

Read more about the Maxi adult tricycle on the product page.

More about the Maxi tricycle

Customer experiences Van Raam Maxi adult tricycle

Curious about experiences with the Van Raam Maxi tricycle? Read some customer experiences below or read all Maxi experiences on the Maxi customer experiences page.

Maxi tricycle

"My name is Pieta Wessels. I have had a cerebral infarction which has affected my balance, but this does not stop me from moving. I'm very active and like to go out by bike."

Pieta Wessels - Gouda

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Maxi tricycle

"Theo likes to go out with his Maxi tricycle and with his girlfriend, who also has a Maxi. They regularly make cycling trips and even go on cycling holidays together."

Theo Wittebol - Hoorn

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Maxi tricycle

"Since my childhood I have been riding a Van Raam tricycle and I have been using the Maxi for a while now via the WMO (Social Support Act). Without my tricycle I would never have been able to cycle!"

Dominique van Steijn - Den Helder

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