Successful Open House at Van Raam in Varsseveld

On Thursday evening 11 October 2019, Van Raam opened the doors of its factory for an Open House. We are overwhelmed by the great interest and many positive reactions from the people who have visited our new bicycle factory. During this Open House, there were 3,799 interested people who visited the factory in Varsseveld.

Visitors Open House at Van Raam
There were a lot of visitors in front of the door

Succesful Open House

From 18.00 to 21.00 visitors could visit the new bicycle factory. Visitors were welcomed at the main entrance by directors Jan-Willem Boezel, Marjolein Boezel or Ronald Ruesink and followed a route through the warehouse, the production hall, the assembly hall and the showroom. In the showroom, visitors could see all the bicycles produced in the factory, including the newest member of the family within the product range: the Chat transport bicycle.
Especially for this event, our R&D department (Research & Development) built up the large exhibition stand with extra tents in our warehouse. They stood here together with Innovation Hub Innovar, the foundation Stichting Kanjers voor Kanjers and our HR department in cooperation with the Tweewieler Academy (trainees for bike technicians) to tell and show the visitors what they do.

The interest in the new factory and in the production of the adapted bicycles was enormous. We have welcomed more than 3,799 people!

"Thank you very much for the hospitable welcome and the opportunity to get a look at your beautiful new factory!"
VIV Open Avond bij Van Raam
Van Raam's team that was present during this evening.

Proud employees at Van Raam

Almost every Van Raam employee was present this evening to proudly show the visitors how Van Raam's adapted bicycles are produced. Family members, acquaintances, friends of employees but also interested parties from both inside and outside the city of Varsseveld, as the reactions showed, walked around the factory with amazement.

'Beautiful factory, beautiful products, beautiful asset for Varsseveld!'

Aftermovie VIV Open House at Van Raam

Below you will find the aftermovie of the VIV Open House at Van Raam. Was it impossible for you to attend this evening or were you present and curious about the aftermovie? Then watch this video!

Photo's Open House

For more impressions you can view the photos of this evening below:

Open House 2019 Van Raam visitors
Bicycles Van Raam Open House 2019
Number of visitors Van Raam Open House
Open House at Van Raam
Visitors Open House Van Raam factory
Open House Van Raam
Van Raam open House
Open House Van Raam Easy Rider
Open House old factory Van Raam
Visitors Open House Van Raam

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