Seniors tricycle with a low step

Would you like to be able to ride a bicycle (again) - but you don't dare to because you don't feel safe on a two-wheeler or/and you  suffer from balance problems? For people who have balance problems or have difficulty getting on and off the bike and who want more stability while cycling, we at Van Raam have more than one senior tricycle with a low step for you as a solution. Read more about the possibilities, advantages and experiences in this article. 

Seniors tricycle with low entry Easy Rider

Tricycles with low entry

If you suffer from balance problems, a senior tricycle with a low step can be a good solution for you, providing you with support and stability. Read more about the Maxi Comfort and Easy Rider low entry tricycles below.

Low-entry tricycle Maxi Comfort

The Maxi Comfort low-entry tricycle is a variation of the traditional senior tricycle Maxi. In addition to the three wheels and the low frame, there is even more that makes this tricycle special. The frame of the Maxi Comfort tricycle is unique. The bottom bracket is moved forward and is designed so that you can always touch the ground with your two feet if you want to. Furthermore, you have an ergonomic sitting position while cycling, your wrists, neck and shoulders are hardly strained by the special frame and the resulting sitting position.
Learn more about the Maxi Comfort, watch videos and check out the specifications of this bike on the Maxi Comfort product page.

Maxi Comfort
Low-entry tricycle Maxi Comfort
Low-entry tricycle Maxi Comfort
Low-entry tricycle Van Raam Maxi Comfort
Van Raam Maxi Comfort Low-entry tricycle

Low-entry tricycle Easy Rider

Another tricycle for seniors with low entry is the Easy Rider tricycle. The Easy Rider tricycle for adults is clearly different from other tricycles. The unique frame of this tricycle has a deep entry and a stable lower seating position. This gives you a lower centre of gravity which gives you security and stability. This safe and secure feeling is also supported by the fact that you sit on a seat with backrest instead of a saddle and handlebars in front of you. You can adjust the seat height and angle to suit your individual needs. The forward pedalling movement and frame suspension ensure perfect riding comfort. For smaller adults, there is a compact version of this tricycle called the Easy Rider Compact.

Learn more about the Easy Rider, watch videos and check out the specifications of this bike on the Easy Rider product page.

Easy Rider
Easy Rider Van Raam Seniors tricycle with low entry
Easy Rider Seniors tricycle with low entry
Seniors tricycle with low entry Easy Rider
Easy Rider Seniors tricycle with low entry

Advantages of tricycles with low entry

  • Smooth running

  • Comfortable

  • Perfect driving comfort

  • Forward pedalling for more comfort 

  • Very stable for a secure feeling

  • Small turning area

  • Directly with both feet on the floor

  • Rides easier than the traditional tricycles

  • Comes through a normal room door

  • Ergonomic sitting posture

Van Raam

Electric tricycle Seniors Low-entry bicycle

Van Raam's sturdy bicycles are also available as pedal assisted electric bicycles. The pedal assistance can help you if you don't have enough strength yourself or if you want to cover longer distances on a senior tricycle with a low step. Van Raam has developed its own pedal assist system. The Silent System is a unique and award-winning system and is characterised by its ease of use, the possibility of riding backwards and the possibility of individually programming the support. 

A Van Raam bicycle can bet all possible options and accessories can be individually extended.  With the online configurator it is possible to put together your own bicycle with options in a few easy steps. In the online configurator you will find all possible options and accessories. All options and accessories per bicycle can also be found on the price list on the product page of a bicycle of your choice.

More about the electrical system

Customer experiences of tricycles with a low entry

Easy Rider tricycle

"Herman de Grijff turned a hundred years old in April 2020. He still does everything with his Easy Rider tricycle, if the weather conditions are right he likes to get on his bike for a ride."

Herman de Grijff - Zutphen

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Easy Rider tricycle

"They hardly keep up with him on a normal bike, he likes that of course. The great thing about the Easy Rider is its enormous maneuverability, it makes cycling much easier than with a regular bicycle."

Rob Berendsen - Apeldoorn

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Easy Rider tricycle

"The German Gunda Krauss cycled together with her dog Sauser on her tricycle Easy Rider in 2009 at the age of 70 from Munich to Rügen (1200 km)"

Gunda Krauss - München (DE)

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