Residential care homes receive a sponsored wheelchair bike

Three residential care homes in Zwolle (in the eastern part of the Netherlands) received a wheelchair bicycle at the end of April 2018. This wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus was sponsored by the municipality of Zwolle, among others. A City Council Member was present at the festive delivery, where the bike was tested by a resident of one of the centers.

Eldery are testing a wheelchair bike
Mrs. van Erven is the first to test the VeloPlus wheelchair bike (photo: RTV Focus Zwolle)

Elderly get out more with a wheelchair bike

Westenhage, Ensemble and Wendakker are the three residential care homes that received the wheelchair bike VeloPlus. This bike was sponsored by various parties, such as the municipality of Zwolle, the province of Overijssel and the Rabobank club action. The foundation ‘Vrienden van WEW’ has actively received donations for the wheelchair bicycle also. The three residential care centers are homes where elderly can live and receive as much care as they need.

During a festive gathering, the residents of the homes received the wheelchair bike. Mrs. van Erven, a resident of one of the homes, tested the bicycle with her wheelchair. She liked the bike and found it comfortable. Now and again she walks a bit in the backyard with her walker. With the wheelchair bike VeloPlus she can be outside but get a lot further in comparison with her walker.

The wheelchair bike will be used for the three residential care home. Three people from the homes will coordinate the use of the bicycle. In addition to the wheelchair bike, a wheelchair can also be borrowed. In this way, persons with a walker can also use the bike with a caregiver or family member.
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Video: The residents receive the wheelchair bike

RTV Focus Zwolle was present at the festive delivery. In the video, Wichert aan het Rot of the foundation ‘Vrienden van WEW’ tells about how proud and happy he is with the new wheelchair bike. The care homes had a two-seat bicycle before, but this one was old, it was very heavy and was very big. The VeloPlus is smaller and with the bike they can travel longer distances, this is partly due to the electrical support.

In the video, you can also see how Mrs. van Erven tests the bike and talks with Eefke Meijerink, the City Council Member of Social Affairs.

Van Raam dealer delivered the wheelchair bike

Our dealer Schutte Tweewielers deliverd the wheelchair bike at one of the care homes. In the Twitter message below you can see pictures of the delivering.

"Today we deliverd a wheelchair transport bike to the foundation 'Stichting vrienden van W.E.W.". Many people can be made happy. The bike was hand out by @EefkeMeijerink #Proud"

Dealer delivers wheelchair bike to residential care homes
Rolstoeltransportfiets Van Raam VeloPlus

Wheelchair bike: 1 person cycles, 1 person in a wheelchair can join

With the wheelchair bike VeloPlus it is possible to transport a person in his or her own wheelchair. The tilted ramp makes it easy to ride a wheelchair on the platform of the bike. The low position of the wheelchair on the bicycle ensures that only one person can easily put the wheelchair on the bike and secure it with the wheelchair lock. The widely placed and extra steered front-wheels ensure a reduced turning radius and stability. At Van Raam we also have another wheelchair bicycle in our assortment, this is the OPair. This wheelchair bike has a built-in seat and with the optional detachable frame, the front part can be used as a wheelchair.

The bicycle was delivered by bicycle shop Schutte Tweewielers from Westenholte, the wheelchair bike will also be maintained by this bicycle shop. In a while, other interested people from the Zwolle neighborhoods  Westenholte and Stadshagen can also use the bicycle.

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