New Van Raam bicycles delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe

Perhaps the Hoge Veluwe National Park is best known for its iconic white bicycles, with which visitors can explore the park on its designated cycle paths. To give as many people as possible the chance to admire the beautiful nature of the Hoge Veluwe, the National Park also rents out Van Raam adapted bicycles for people who cannot cycle on a two-wheeled bicycle. Because of the high demand, extra adapted bicycles were needed at the park and in May 2020 the Van Raam bicycles could be delivered. Read more about this in this article.

New Van Raam bicycles delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe

Van Raam delivered adapted bicycles

The green treasury of the Netherlands. This is one of the most famous National Parks in the Netherlands: The Hoge Veluwe. The park of 5,400 hectares can be explored by car, walking and the most famous way is perhaps by bicycle. The park has 1800 white bicycles that are made available to visitors free of charge. But not every visitor can cycle on a two-wheeled bicycle, for example, due to a disability. The park has also thought about these visitors.

Because the Park wants to offer a special nature experience to as many people as possible, there are various types of Van Raam adapted bicycles that can be rented free of charge to visitors who cannot cycle on a two-wheeled bicycle. Because the adapted bikes are used so much at Park Hoge Veluwe, new bicycles were needed. That is why Van Raam delivered new bicycles to the park at the end of May 2020. Marnix Kwant, Marketing & Sales Manager at Van Raam, was allowed to deliver three new adapted bicycles to the National Park, namely two OPair wheelchair bikes and one VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike.

As can be seen in the pictures below, the visitors and employees of the park are very happy to receive the bicycles: 

New Van Raam adapted bicycles delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe
New adapted bicycles Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe
There are various types of Van Raam adapted bikes that can be rented free of charge to visitors who cannot cycle on a two-wheeled bicycle.

Adapted bicycles at Park Hoge Veluwe

With the delivery of these new bicycles, the number of bicycles in the park will be expanded. Besides the wheelchair bikes, Van Raam tricycles are also available for rent at the park. The following bicycles can now be rented:

Read on to find out more about these bikes. Or take a look at Park Hoge Veluwe's contact details on the dealer page, to go to the website and rent your custom bike for a day at Park Hoge Veluwe.

Dealer page
New adapted bicycles Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe OPair wheelchair bike

OPair wheelchair bike

The OPair is suitable for people in wheelchairs or with mobility problems who can make the transfer to the OPair's chair. The passenger can sit at the front in an adjustable seat so that he or she is comfortable. Read more about the OPair.

View the OPair
New adapted bicycles Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe VeloPlus wheelchair bike

VeloPlus wheelchair bike

On the VeloPlus a wheelchair can be placed on the tilting platform without much effort. This way someone who is dependent on a wheelchair can still enjoy a nice bike ride. Read more about the VeloPlus.

View the VeloPlus
New adapted bicycles Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe Twinny tandem

Twinny tandem

The Twinny is a tandem suitable for two adults. Because of the spacious and low entry it is easy to get on and there is more space between the saddle of the front person and the handlebars of the co-driver so you don't sit too close together. Read more about the Twinny.

View the Twinny
New custom bikes Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe Easy Rider tricycle

Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider is a seat tricycle with a low entry and a stable low seating position. Because of the forward pedal movement and the seat with individually adjustable back support, the Easy Rider is a very comfortable tricycle that rides easily. Read more about the Easy Rider.

View the Easy Rider
New adapted bicycles Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe Viktoria tricycle

Viktoria tricycle

The Viktoria is a tricycle with two wheels at the front and one at the back. The bike is designed for smaller adults who find it difficult to estimate the width of the bike. The bike has a low and roomy entry for easy getting on and off. Read more about the Viktoria.

View the Viktoria
Van Raam wants to offer people with a disability sustainable and contemporary mobility. We believe that if people can be mobile and independent for longer, they will be happier.

Customer experiences with adapted bicycles at the Park

Would you like to know the experiences of visitors to the park who have rented a Van Raam adapted bicycle? Then take a look at the experience of Sanne van Zanten with her father and the experience of Bart Dinkelman with his wife below.

OPair wheelchair bike

"Unfortunately, we had to cancel our holiday because my wife broke her ankle. Fortunately, we were able to rent an OPair wheelchair bike and this alternative was a way to soften it."

Bart Dinkelman - Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe

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OPair wheelchair bike

"We have an OPair wheelchair bicycle in combination with an special buggy seat (Stingray, R82). Thank you for this combination! This allows us to cycle again!"

Marielle Klomp - Nieuwleusen

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New adapted bicycles Van Raam delivered to Park Hoge Veluwe Park Pavilion
The new Park Pavilion is the building in the background of this photo.

New Park Pavilion at Park Hoge Veluwe

The Hoge Veluwe National Park has a lot of nature and high biodiversity, but there is also a lot of culture and architecture. For example, the famous Kröller-Müller museum is located on the park, but there is also the Museonder, the hunting lodge St. Hubertus and various national monuments to admire. 

Because many people visit the park, the new Park Pavilion opened in June 2019. This is a multifunctional public building in the centre of the Park that houses the information centre, the Park Restaurant and the Park Shop, among other things. If you have rented an adapted bicycle at the park, you can also pick it up at the Park Pavilion.  Everything about the Park Pavilion can be viewed on the website of  Het Nationale Park de Hoge Veluwe foundation.

Website Hoge Veluwe

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