Mens tricycle by Van Raam

As a manufacturer of special bicycles for people with a disability and/or people who are no longer able or willing to ride a normal bicycle. To be mobile again, we at Van Raam offer solutions in the form of men's tricycles. In this article you can read more about the men's tricycles, immerse yourself in the experiences of others and learn more about the possibilities.   

Different tricycles for men

Different tricycles for men

A men's tricycle offers you mobility and freedom to move again, especially if you haven't been able to do so for a long time. At Van Raam we offer you different types of tricycles that can give you back this freedom. See an overview below. Also take a look at the videos of the tricycle. 

  • Traditional tricycles

  • Tricycles with seating and back support

  • Tricycles with low entry

  • Tricycles with two wheels in front

  • A compact electric scooter bicycle 

Van Raam tricycles

Read more about the different Van Raam tricycles that can be found in our assortment. 

Traditional men tricycle by Van Raam

Traditional tricycles

The traditional tricycle is a bicycle with two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front, with the saddle over the bottom bracket. You pedal almost straight down and sit relatively high on the bike. With a front wheel, this type of bicycle is very agile, which is because almost all Van Raam bicycles are equipped with a differential. Van Raam has this type of tricycle in different sizes. See also the models Midi, Maxi.

Mens tricycles with seating and back support

Tricycles with seating and back support

The different models Easy Rider tricycleEasy Rider Small a smaller version of the Easy Rider and the sporty version Easy Sport, all offer you the possibility to ride your bike comfortably and stable. Especially the forward pedaling movement is unique. The completely different cycling position puts much less strain on the back, neck and shoulders. Most users find it comfortable to have the handlebars in front of them: This feels natural when cycling.

Tricycle with low entry for men

Tricycle with low entry for men

Van Raam offers a variant of the traditional tricycle for men, namely the Maxi Comfort. The Maxi Comfort has a low and spacious entrance and a different seating position. You do not sit above the bottom bracket, but a little behind it. The seat position is therefore lower and you can reach the ground with both legs at all times and still make an optimal knee movement. You also relieve your back, shoulders, neck and wrists. Read more in the article "Front tricycle for adults by Van Raam". 

Maxi Comfort
Men tricycles with two wheels in front

Men tricycles with two wheels in front

For men who have problems estimating the width on a tricycle, there is a tricycle with two wheels in front and one wheel in the back. It allows the rider of the tricycle to estimate the width at any time. So he knows if he can ride through or along an area. The saddle of this type of bicycle sits above the bottom bracket. You pedal almost straight down and sit relatively high on the bike. Take a look at the models Viktoria and Viktor.Read more in the article "Front tricycle for adults by Van Raam". 

Electric scooter bicycle mens tricycle by Van Raam

Electric scooter bicycle

The compact electric scooter bike Easy Go was developed for people with an unstable condition or changing energy levels. On this tricycle you can cycle in 3 positions. This bike is very compact and agile. With the adjustable double suspension you get a stable and comfortable ride. To ride the Easy Go, no driver's license or other driver's license is required. However, insurance must be taken out for it. 

Easy Go
Electric pedal support for special bikes

Electric tricycle

Van Raam's solid bicycles are also available as E-bikes with pedal support. The pedal support can help you if you don't have enough strength yourself or if you want to cover longer distances on a tricycle. Van Raam has developed its own pedal support system. The Silent System is a unique and award-winning system and is characterized by its ease of use, the possibility to ride backwards and the possibility to program the support individually

Pedal support

Customer experiences about Van Raam tricycles by men

Easy Go scooter bike

"After 10,600 km in 25 months (of which 4,000 km have been cycled in 2018) with my Easy Go I can warmly recommend Van Raam bicycles."

Horst Weidemann - Düsseldorf

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Maxi tricycle

"I am very satisfied with my new Maxi with electric pedal support. I already had a Maxi of Van Raam before. However, this was without electrical pedal support and I used this bike for about 6 years."

Jan van 't Veld - Zwolle (the Netherlands)

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Easy Sport recumbent trike

"Kevin has had a Van Raam Easy Sport recumbent bike for 15 years. The Easy Sport gives Kevin freedom and he cycles everywhere on his bike."

Kevin Donkers - Breda

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Easy Rider tricycle

"My name is Chris Koekoek and I have been diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3). With the Easy Rider tricycle I have my freedom and movement back."

Chris Koekoek - Limburg

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Midi tricycle

"I have a new Midi tricycle and I enjoy riding it a lot. This is the one and and it makes me suuuuuuuper happy. I ride it wherever I go: to my friends, parents and grocery shopping."

Astrid Janssen - Wijchen (Netherlands)

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Easy Rider tricycle

"I've already cycled 2,000 kilometres on my Easy Rider. Wherever I stop or whoever walks past, I am approached when I ride my Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle. And I feel so good, mentally and physically. "

Günter Rodewald - Bremen (DE)

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