Instruction for the Van Raam pedal support system Display

Do you already have an electric Van Raam bike or are you considering buying an adapted electric bike? Are you looking for clear instructions and explanations on how the Van Raam pedal support system Display works? Then take a look at our instruction video and the accompanying explanation text in this article, where we explain how to use it simply and clearly, so that you can use it directly and enjoy cycling your electric Van Raam bicycle to the fullest.

Video tutorial on how to use the Van Raam Display

Watch the following video to see how you can easily operate the display of the Van Raam pedal assist, even while cycling. How to choose the strength of the support and how to use the unique features like riding backwards and starting aid. You can also clearly see how easy it is to cycle over bumps and overpasses with the pedal support.

Explanation of the individual functions of the Van Raam display

Read more about the individual functions of the display you have with pedal support via an electric motor below. The functions include switching on and off, a starting aid, the 3 support modes when cycling as well as riding backwards and centrally switched lighting via the electrical system.

Instruction for the Van Raam pedal support system Display

Power button

With the power button the electrical system can be switched on or off.

  • Switch on: Press the On/Off button briefly.

  • Switch off: Press and hold the power button for two seconds.

When the system is switched on, the motor is active in position 1.

Always switch off the electrical system before getting on or off the bike.
Instructions for the Van Raam pedal support system Display support modes

Support modes: Level 1, 2 and 3

Support modes 1, 2 and 3 can be used to set the desired pedal support.
Mode 1: Low support, maximum range.
Mode 2:  Average support, average range.
Mode 3: Maximum support, short range
The support level can be changed while cycling.

The range depends on several factors and is strongly influenced by Battery capacity and pressure, level of support, ambient temperature, wind speed, tyre pressure, riding speed, rider weight and load, use of gears, etc. Read more in our article "How many kilometers does a Van Raam E bike battery last".

Instruction manual for the Van Raam pedal support system Display starting aid

Starting aid

The bike is equipped with a starting aid function. This allows the rider to accelerate to a speed of approximately 6 km/h for up to five seconds without having to pedal. To do this, the rider must keep the top button pressed. The function is reactivated when the button is pressed again.

 The starting aid function is used for:

  • Additional starting assistance.

  • Additional support when cycling up a mountain.

Cycling backwards

The reverse riding function is activated by pedalling backwards from a stopped position. Within a few seconds the motor is activated and the bicycle will ride backwards at about 2 km/h as long as you pedal backwards. Learn more in our article: Riding backwards with pedal support on a special bike.

Riding backwards

Centrally switched lighting

The bicycle is equipped with a centrally controlled lighting system that switches on automatically when the electrical system is activated. You can read more about this in our article "Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system".

Central lighting
More about the unique Van Raam pedal support

More about the unique Van Raam pedal support

The Silent System is an award-winning pedal support developed by Van Raam, especially for the rehabilitation market. The Silent System is characterized by: 

  • Easy handling
  • Individually adjustable driving behaviour
  • Modern and efficient electronics
  • Very powerful electric motors
  • High quality and safe batteries
  • Highly reliable system   
  • In a row, test winner

The Silent System comes standard with a basic set-up that is tailored to your bike. In most cases, this results in a good proportion and smooth ride with a good balance between support and range.
In special cases an individually adapted ride behaviour is required. Your dealer can inform you about the possibilities of individual riding behaviour.

Pedal support

Questions about the display and the electric motor?

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