Improving mobility in the elderly

Older people are sometimes faced with reduced mobility. There are various aids that improve the mobility in the elderly. Read more about these aids in this article and what role Van Raam can play in this.

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Reduced mobility in the elderly

Fortunately, the saying 'old age comes with ailments' does not apply to all elderly people. Nevertheless, as they grow older, people sometimes experience mobility limitations. Most mobility limitations are the result of complaints and illnesses of the locomotor apparatus. In addition, fall accidents also play an important role in reduced mobility.

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Aids for mobility problems of the elderly

There are several aids that the elderly can use to increase their mobility and keep themselves moving:

  • Adapted bicycle
  • Crutch
  • Walking stick
  • Walking aid
  • Rollator
  • Wheelchair
  • Mobility Scooter
Adapted bicycles for mobility problems in the elderly

Adapted bicycles for poor mobility in the elderly

Van Raam is a manufacturer of adapted bicycles. Several products in our assortment contribute to the mobility in the elderly in a positive way. Our bicycles can be divided into the categories cycling independently and cycling together.

Cycling independently on a Van Raam bicycle

With the adapted bicycles from Van Raam, it remains possible to cycle independently for a longer period of time. We have different types of bicycles, for different needs. Think of tricycles, low step through bikes, walking bikes and scooter bikes. Read more about these bicycles below.

mobility in the elderly van raam midi tricycle


Tricycles make it possible for the elderly to continue cycling independently for longer. The three wheels provide stability and safety while cycling.

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mobility in the elderly van raam balance low step through bike

Low step through bikes

With low step through bikes, you can always reach the ground with both feet without having to get off. Getting on and off the bike is easy without having to lift your leg high.

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mobility in the elderly van raam city walking aid

Walking aid

With the walking aid, walking or standing up takes much less effort. Your body weight is carried by the saddle, which relieves your back, hips, knees and ankles.

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mobility in the elderly van raam easy go scooter bike

Scooter bike

The scooter bike is an bicycle and a mobility scooter in one. You cycle completely independently, you cycle with pedal support or you ride in the scooter mode.

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Cycling together on a Van Raam bicycle

If cycling independently is not possible, you can opt for a Van Raam bicycle to cycle together. This keeps you as an elderly person in exercise and mobile for longer. We have several different bikes that can be used for cycling together; tandems, side-by-side tandems, wheelchair bikes and a transport bike.

mobility in the elderly van raam twinny plus tandem


Van Raam has both two-wheel and three-wheel tandems. Because of the low entry level and the various options, the tandems are often used by people who are unable to cycle independently.

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mobility in the elderly van raam veloplus wheelchair bike

Wheelchair bikes

The wheelchair bikes make it possible to cycle together with someone who is bound to a wheelchair. The passenger sits on the front of the bike and can enjoy a bike ride again.

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mobility in the elderly van raam chat rickshaw bike

Transport bike

In our transport bike, 2 passengers can be transported in front of the bike in an ergonomic seat. The driver sits behind them and has a good view over the passengers and the traffic.

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mobility in the elderly van raam fun2go side by side tandem

Side-by-side tandems

On a side-by-side tandem, you sit next to each other and you can communicate with each other well. One person steers and brakes the bike; the passenger can pedal, but not steer or brake.

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Testing bicycles on a test track in case of reduced mobility in the elderly

Trying out a bike

Are you curious whether a Van Raam bicycle can help to improve the reduced mobility in the elderly? Then come to our showroom in Varsseveld and try it out for yourself. Through our website you can easily schedule a free appointment. Would you rather make a test ride at a dealer? See which dealer is near you and ask about the possibilities.

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Do you have questions about mobility in the elderly?

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