How to recognise the Van Raam electrical system

Most Van Raam bicycles can be expanded with pedal support. From time to time, Van Raam bicycles are fitted with a different electrical system. This can have very negative consequences, which we would like to warn everyone about. Read here how you can recognise whether your bike has the original Van Raam Silent System.

Video: How to recognise the Van Raam electrical system

Tip: This video is in Dutch. Feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations. 

How to recognise the electrical system from Van Raam

Features and functions of the Van Raam electrical system

The motors, batteries, controller, smart display and software of the Silent System have been developed by and for Van Raam, especially for our special needs bikes. Almost every Van Raam bicycle (with the exception of the Husky child tricycle and City walking aid) can be ordered with pedal support.

Van Raam has its own Electrical Department, which checks and improves the Silent System on a daily basis. This is to keep the electrical system as optimal as possible.

A Van Raam bicycle with pedal support (delivered after June 2016) can be easily recognised by the following 7 features and functions:

Smart display Van Raam electrical system

1. Smart display

The smart display is the display on the handlebar. The Van Raam logo on the front of the display shows whether the display is a Van Raam display. The smart display is easy to operate and has the following functions:

  • Battery indication

  • Starting aid

  • 3 different support modes

  • On/off button

Read more about the display in the article 'Instruction for the Van Raam pedal suport system display'. Also watch the video to see how the display looks and works.

Read more about the display

2. Backwards function

All electric Van Raam bicycles with three wheels and equipped with the original Van Raam Silent pedal support system allow you to cycle backwards. Would you prefer a back pedal brake, but still want to have the option to cycle backwards? Then you can choose the combination 'back pedal brake with backwards function'. Cycling backwards is possible as soon as the pedal support is switched on. Read more about cycling backwards in the article 'Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike'.

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3. Motors

Every Van Raam bicycle with the Silent System has an almost silent motor that drives the pedal support. There are three different motors for the Silent System:

  • VR1F Silent

  • VR2F Silent HT

  • VR2R Silent HT

Van Raam uses motors in the front wheel, in the rear wheel or on the rear axle between the rear wheels. Read more about the motors in the article 'Why a front or rear hub motor instead of a mid-drive motor?'.

  Read more about the motors
VR1F Silent motor Van Raam electrical system

VR1F Silent motor

VR2F Silent HT motor Van Raam electrical system

VR2F Silent HT motor

VR2R Silent HT Van Raam electrical system

VR2R Silent HT motor

4. Batteries

From 2012, Van Raam uses Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. The bikes with 3 wheels all have a Cube Li-ion pack, and the bikes with 2 wheels have a Slim Li-ion pack. The Van Raam batteries can be recognized by the 'R' of the Van Raam logo.

These extremely high quality batteries are produced in the Netherlands and last for many charging cycles. The Li-ion batteries have a 2-year warranty with a maximum of 500 charging cycles. Read more about the batteries in the article 'How does a Van Raam battery work and how to charge it?'.

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Cube battery Van Raam electrical system

Cube battery

Slim battery Van Raam electrical system

Slim battery

5. Support individually adjustable

The level of support for the Silent System can be set by Van Raam and by Van Raam dealers according to customer preferences.

Smart E-Bike and Smart E-Bike App Van Raam electrical system

6. Smart e-bike with e-bike app

From May 2016, all Van Raam bikes equipped with pedal support have been delivered as smart e-bikes. With the Van Raam e-bike app, you can connect to the smart display via Bluetooth connection and view a lot of information.

The functions possible with the Van Raam e-bike app depend on the type of battery you have; a battery without a yellow GPS sticker or a battery with a yellow GPS sticker. Read more about the Van Raam e-bike app on the app page.

Read more about the smart e-bike and app
Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system

7. Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system

Van Raam bicycles with pedal support delivered after January 2020 are equipped with lighting via the electrical system as standard. When you switch on the electrical system via the display, the lighting comes on automatically. To do this, you can use the on/off button. If the battery is almost dead, it will still provide enough residual power so that the lighting will work as usual. Read more about the lighting in the article 'Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system'.

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Older electrical system Van Raam

Older Van Raam electrical systems

Do you have a Van Raam bicycle from before June 2016? Then you probably have a different type of motor, battery and display. Read more about this in the article 'Van Raam bikes with motors and pedal support before 2016'.

More about the older electrical systems

Benefits of the Silent System

Take a look at all the benefits of the Silent System below:

  • Three different support modes 
  • Simple to use
  • Almost noiseless, but very powerful electric motors
  • Extremely high quality and safe batteries
  • Starting aid
  • Pedal support forwards and backwards (except for bicycles with back-pedal brake)
  • Individually adjustable support to suit the disability
  • Smart e-bike
  • Award winning
  • Free Van Raam e-bike app

Disadvantages Van Raam bicycles with a different electrical system

Van Raam only has the Silent electrical system available for its bicycles. Sometimes there are Van Raam bicycles available with a different electrical system/motor system. However, it is not permitted to equip Van Raam products with electrical systems other than those stated by Van Raam. The Van Raam products are only tested for compatibility with the Van Raam electrical system. A different electrical system has the following adverse effects:

  • Equipping Van Raam's vehicles with motor systems other than those specified by Van Raam could lead to dangerous situations.

  • The guarantee and Declaration of Conformity expire when adaptations or changes are made to the bike using non-Van Raam components, such as installing a non-original Van Raam Silent electrical system.

  • With a non-original Van Raam electro system, it is often not possible to cycle backwards with the pedal support switched on.

  • You do not have the advantages of a Van Raam smart e-bike.

  • You cannot connect to the Van Raam e-bike app.

  • Another electrical system is often not personally adjustable.

Pedal Support Van Raam electrical silent system

Specifications Silent System

Curious about which motors and batteries the Van Raam bicycles have? And what the specifications are? These can all be found on the pedal support page.

View all Silent System specifications here