How to divide the Van Raam wheelchair bike VeloPlus - Video?

Did you know that you can optionally divide the VeloPlus wheelchair bike so that you can store and transport the bike in a space-saving way? See in this article with an instruction video how to share the VeloPlus wheelchair bike.

Video: How do I divide the VeloPlus wheelchair bike?

See how you can divide the VeloPlus wheelchair bike from Van Raam in the video below.

Advantages of the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

Read about the advantages of the ( divisible ) VeloPlus wheelchair bike below.

  • The bicycle can be transported and stored in a space-saving way
  • Passenger can remain seated in own wheelchair
  • Tilting platform to easily push the passenger in the wheelchair onto the bicycle
  • Stable and manoeuvrable due to low centre of gravity and self-steering front wheels
  • 3 fixation hooks and belt to securely fasten the wheelchair
  • Pedal support possible (Smart E-Bike)
  • Suitable for almost every manual wheelchair (max. 72 cm width)

Divide the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

See below a step by step guide on how to divide the VeloPlus wheelchair bike from Van Raam. This can come in handy if you want to store the wheelchair bike, for example. 

Dividing the Van Raam wheelchair bike VeloPlus
Pull the right hand grip off the handlebar.

1. Apply the parking brakes on the wheelchair biek and switch off the pedal assistance. 

2. Make sure that there is nothing on the platform (no wheelchair or person). .

3. Pull the right handle (with the gear shift) off the handlebar. To do this, push in the balls to be able to remove the handle from the handlebar. Also remove the parking brake from the steering set by lifting it straight out of the holder. 

4. Detach the cable connector and remove the safety pin from the frame. 

5. Hang the handle with the brake lever on the luggage carrier or another suitable place on the wheelchair wheel. 

Divisible Van Raam wheelchair bicycle VeloPlus
Hold the bicycle part and pull the lever backwards with the other hand.

6. Lower the support on the front part. 

7. Release the parking brake on the cable to be able to move the rear wheel. 

8. Now hold the rear part (bicycle part) with one hand and pull the lever backwards with the other hand, thus disconnecting the wheelchair wheel. The wheelchair part then stands on the support wheel. Pull the bike part out of the coupling. Caution. The bicycle part is heavy. Hold the frame firmly with both hands. 

9. Place the rear part on the stand. To reassemble the wheelchair wheel, follow these steps in reverse order. It helps to pull up the rear wheel until you hear a click.

Configure your own VeloPlus wheelchair bike

In the configurator you can see which other options are available for the VeloPlus as well as the separable version. You can also see directly what the price of the option is. In our online configurator you can configure your own bicycle individually. Would you like to know what is available for your Van Raam bicycle? Click on the buttons below to go to the configurator.

Configure VeloPlus
Wheelchair bicycles OPair VeloPlus Van Raam

Divisible Van Raam wheelchair bicycles

Besides the VeloPlus, Van Raam has another wheelchair bicycle in its range, the OPair wheelchair bicycle. Like the VeloPlus, this bicycle is also available in a divisible version. The OPair wheelchair bike is intended for transporting people. In the divisible version, the front part can be used as a wheelchair on site. See the article "Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair divisible" with video for more information about the divisible OPair wheelchair bike. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about the VeloPlus wheelchair bike, the divisible frame or anything else? Please let us know. We will be happy to help you! by e-mail: +31 (0)315 - 25 73 70, per E-Mail:, or via the contact form.