Experiment with adapted shared bicycles in Paris

French Van Raam dealer Nielsen Concept has come up with France’s first shared bicycle parking facility. Here are four adapted bicycles, including Van Raam bicycles. The aim is for everyone to have the opportunity to cycle, from families to the elderly and people with disabilities.

Experiment with adapted sharing bikes in Paris Van Raam Chat and Easy Rider

Van Raam bicycles part of experiment

At Austerlitz station in Paris, the shared bicycle parking facility with four adapted bicycles has been in place since the 29th of March 2022. The secured bicycle parking can be opened via an app on the mobile phone. People can choose between two cargo bikes, the Van Raam Chat rickshaw bike and the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle which can be rented for a small amount. The shared bikes are available to anyone who has the Nielsen Concept app on the mobile phone. Through the app a bike can be reserved and you will also receive the access code for the parking lot.  

Experiment with adapted sharing bikes in Paris

Experiment lasts 6 months

The test with the adapted shared bicycles will last for six months. During this time, user feedback will be collected and the feasibility, sustainability and environmental impact of the trial will be measured. The data will then be evaluated. If the outcome is positive, the sharing station may be expanded to a larger scale.

Van Raam dealer Nielsen Concept 

Nielsen Concept aims to get more people to cycle in France. They do this by offering different types of bicycles, but also secure bicycle racks. Nielsen Concept responds to the two reasons why, according to them, French people are reluctant to cycle. The lack of a bicycle that meets the wishes of the user and the fear of theft. The experiment with adapted bicycles in the shared bicycle parking facility fits in perfectly with this.

Experiment with adapted sharing bikes in Paris Chat rickshaw bike

Chat rickshaw bicycle

The Chat is a rickshaw where one driver can ride with one or two passengers on the front of the bike. The passengers sit in an ergonomic seat with belts and suspension. The driver sits behind them and therefore has a good view of the passengers and the traffic. The Chat gives people the opportunity to chat with each other during a pleasant bike ride.

View the Chat
Experiment with adapted sharing bikes in Paris Easy Rider tricycle

Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider is a tricycle for adults where you can easily cycle on. Because of the unique frame there is a low entry and the center of gravity is lower. This provides a stable and safe feeling. This tricycle has a comfortable and easily adjustable seat. The forward pedal motion and the suspension in the frame provide a perfect riding comfort.

View the Easy Rider

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