Cycling together on the Van Raam double seat bike Fun2Go

Would you like to know more about the Van Raam double seat bike Fun2Go? Read more about this special bike where you sit next to each other and can cycle together.

Cycling together on the Van Raam double seat bike Fun2Go

Cycle with double seat bike Fun2Go

Van Raam makes bicycles for over 110 years and for over 35 years with a focus on special needs bikes. These are all kinds of bicycles for people who can no longer cycle on a regular bicycle. The first version of the double seat bike Fun2Go was created in the nineties. In the years that followed, this bicycle was further developed and in 2006, the first bicycle double seat with the name Fun2Go was introduced to the market.

The Fun2Go is a three-wheel tandem where the cyclists sit next to each other. The bike is steered by one person and both cyclists can pedal. Getting on and off the Fun2Go is very easy, because there is no step through. The seats can both be fully adjusted to the desired sitting distance. The Fun2Go has these advantages:

  • Very manoeuvrable: can turn around its own axis

  • Good communication because of the seats next to each other

  • Both have an equally good view of the road

  • Comfortable adjustable seats with back rest

  • Easy to use

Read more about the Fun2Go cycle with double seat Fun2Go on the product page.

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Video double seat bike Fun2Go

Watch the video below for more information about the Fun2Go double seat bicycle

Electric double seat bike Fun2Go by Van Raam

Electric double seat bike Fun2Go

The double seat bike Fun2Go is also available with pedal support. Van Raam has its own pedal support system with the advantages that you can cycle backwards, that it is easy to operate and that the support can be programmed individually.
With this option, the Fun2Go is delivered as a smart e-bike. With a smart e-bike, your bicycle is connected to the Internet. The extras that are possible with this, such as remotely viewing information about your bike and battery, and receiving battery notifications, are available in the Van Raam e-bike app.

Read more about pedal support on the pedal support page.

The first generation Fun2Go is equipped with a different display, you can read more about this display in the article 'Instruction for the Van Raam pedal support system Display'. 

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Double seat bike trailer FunTrain by Van Raam

FunTrain cycle double seat with trailer

It is also possible to attach a trailer behind the Fun2Go. In this way, an escort can safely cycle with three passengers. The main driver (who brakes and steers) sits on the Fun2Go and the persons seated cycle double seat trailer can neither steer, only pedal.

To be able to cycle with a Fun2Go with FunTrain, a tow bar is mounted on the Fun2Go double seat bicycle. The FunTrain itself has a retractable support wheel, so that you can easily move the dismounted FunTrain. The Fun2Go with FunTrain has the following advantages:

  • 1 driver + 3 passengers

  • 4 persons can pedal

  • Easy to adjust and to use by different people

Read more about the FunTrain double seat bike trailer on the product page.

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Fun2Go cycle with double seat by Van Raam

Create your own cycle with double seat

A Van Raam double seat cycle is assembled to your wishes and needs. The bike is available with many different options and accessories, many options can be found in the article 'Top 10 most sold options Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem'.

With the online configurator you can create a complete Fun2Go with the desired options in a few easy steps. All selected options are immediately visible in the overview at the bottom of the page. You also see immediately what the chosen configuration would cost.

Put together your own double seat bike

Experiences with the double seater cycle

Read some experiences of customers with a double seater cycle Fun2Go.

Fun2Go side by side bike

"My name is Rob Richmond. I am 80 years old and I live together with my wife Marian. When cycling became more difficult, we were looking for an alternative. Now we cycle together on the Fun2Go."

Rob en Marian Richmond - Soest

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"At the residential care facility De Hogestraat in Aalten live people with intellectual disabilities. At this facility, the caregivers use the Fun2Go almost daily."

Healthcare organisation Estinea - Aalten

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"We really like the Fun2Go! We have already cycled about 2400 km in 18 months. My wife even calls the duo bike her 'Duo Convertible!'"

Rinus de Korte - Tholen

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