Cycling together on a tandem

There are more than a billion bicycles in the world, twice as many as automobiles. Cycling is therefore the most efficient way to get around in the world. Because not everyone can or wants to cycle independently, you see in addition to regular bicycles, more and more bicycles for multiple riders. In this article you can read more about cycling together on a tandem and get to know different types of tandems made by Van Raam.

The tandem bicycle

A tandem is a bicycle that is designed to be used by two or more people. On the traditional model the riders sit behind each other, but nowadays there are many other variants of tandems. A tandem, in addition to socializing, also stands for mobility. Together you cycle to the most beautiful places in the area and you can enjoy the beautiful nature.

Why choose a tandem?

There are several reasons for choosing a tandem.

  • Some people choose to cycle together on a tandem because there is a difference in tempo between the bike partners.

  • Another reason to choose a tandem is for the new experience. Riding a tandem is a fun experience where you sit as a team on the bike.

  • A handicap of one of the cycling partners can also be a reason to opt for a tandem. Particularly in the case of visual impairment, a tandem is a good solution.

Along the way you can enjoy cycling together and you can easily talk to each other, which makes a tandem ride a social activity.

Tandems made by Van Raam

Van Raam's tandems are used to enjoy cycling together. Because the bicycles are fully customized in our factory in Varsseveld, there are many options and adjustments to make the tandem entirely to your liking. For example, you can opt for steering on the front or back site, adjust the frame height, determine the color of the frame, set whether or not to ride the co-driver should pedal along and add various options such as feet fixations, stick holder or backrest. Of course, all tandems can also be equipped with pedal support.

Take a look at the different tandems of Van Raam below and learn more about each type of tandem. Want to know which tandem is most suitable for you and your tandem partner? Read the article: Two wheel tandem, three wheel tandem or a side-by-side tandem. Which one is most suitable for you? or compare the Van Raam tricycle tandems in the article ‘Three tricycle tandems by Van Raam in comparison'.

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tandem bike Twinny


Tandem for adults

View Twinny
Tandem bike Twinny Plus

Twinny Plus

Three-wheel tandem for adults

View Twinny Plus
Tandem bike Kivo


Tandem for parent and child

View Kivo
Tandem bike Kivo Plus

Kivo Plus

Three-wheel tandem for parent and child

View Kivo Plus
Tandem side-by-side Fun2Go


Side-by-side tandem

View Fun2Go
Tandem double rider cycle trailer  FunTrain


Side-by-side tandem trailer

View FunTrain

Tips for riding a tandem

  • Practice in a quiet and even area, especially in the beginning

  • Communicate well with each other when getting on and off, during cycling and when stopping. Work together as a team.

  • Do you cycle with a visually impaired cyclist? Make sure you indicate as the main rider when, for example, turns come or when braking will take place.

  • As the main rider, have in mind that you will have a larger turning radius. 

  • Remember that the bicycle is longer or wider. You cannot always stand on every central reservation, for example when crossing a street.

  • The Twinny Plus and Kivo Plus are three-wheel tandems. These have a different driving experience than a two-wheeled bicycle. Always make a test drive to experience what it is like to cycle on a three-wheel tandem. (Tip: You can request a free test ride at Van Raam)

User experiences tandem users

Many people enjoy cycling on a Van Raam tandem. Below you can read some stories of their experiences. Do you own a Van Raam tandem and do you want to share your experience with us? Share your experience with us.

Twinny Plus tandem

"Since April 2018 we are in possession of a Twinny Plus three-wheel tandem with divisable frame. We bought this bike so that we are able to cycle with our son Lucas."

Madelon Boots - De Hoef, Utrecht

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"My grandmother is no longer allowed to cycle independently, which is why I organized a ride on the Fun2Go for her. My grandma had a lot of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly!"

Timon Klein Wolterink - Aalten (Netherlands)

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"The Zonnebloem Bennekom double rider bike is seeing a lot of use. Our participants are highly enthusiastic to be finally able to ride a bike again with a volunteer."

Johan Saleming - Bennekom

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Ankie Terheggen and her husband are super happy with the Fun2Go double rider cycle."

Ankie Terheggen - Essen

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Fun2Go side by side bike

"Due to a shoulder surgery I am not allowed to cycle for six weeks… In order to still be able to go out we made use of Van Raam’s Fun2Go… For this we thank them."

Christa Vreeman - Breedenbroek

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