6 tips for cycling on the Chat rickshaw bike

The Van Raam Chat is a rickshaw bike on which two people can be transported. The Chat has three wheels and a seat on the front of the bicycle, which makes the Chat cycle differently than a regular bike. Read in this article 6 tips for cycling on the rickshaw bike.

How do you cycle on a rickshaw bike?

Have you just purchased a rickshaw bike or are you considering buying one? Then read in this article some tips for cycling on the Chat rickshaw bike. These tips also apply to other rickshaw bikes with one wheel behind and two wheels in front.

tips for cycling on the van raam chat rickshaw bike

1. Check the rickshaw bike before you start cycling

Before you start cycling with the Chat rickshaw bike, check the following points:

  • The functioning of the brakes
  • The lighting
  • The tires (is there enough air in them?)
  • The battery status (is the battery fully charged?)

In addition, it is also important to adjust the bike properly to the rider. Make sure the handlebars and saddle are adjusted to the right height. You set the saddle height correctly by sitting on the bike and putting one foot on the pedal in the lowest position. In this situation, the leg should be stretched out, but still relaxed. The correct handlebar height is determined by the rider; this is the height that feels most comfortable.

2. Practice before you go out

The Chat rickshaw bike is a tricycle with a seat on the front of the bike. Logically, a rickshaw bike rides differently than a regular two-wheeler. Therefore, it is important to practice with the bike before you set off. Note that a rickshaw bicycle without persons in the seat cycles different than a rickshaw bicycle with persons in the seat. This is because the weight distribution is different. We therefore recommend to practice cycling with and without passengers.

tips voor het fietsen op de chat riksja fiets oefen eerst zonder trapondersteuning

3. Try the bike first without pedal assistance

The Chat rickshaw bike is standard equipped with the pedal assistance system of Van Raam. We recommend that you first ride the bike with the pedal assistance turned off. Once you are familiar with the bike, you can switch on the electric motor and practice using the pedal assistance. Try out the start assist and the reverse function at the same time.

Pedal assist

4. Make use of the parking brake

All Van Raam three-wheeled bicycles are equipped with a parking brake. Put the parking brake on before you get on or off the bike to prevent the bike from rolling away. In addition, you can use the parking brake when standing still for a longer period of time, so you can safely remain on your bike without it rolling away.

tips for cycling on the chat rickshaw bike use the seat belt

5. Make use of the seat belts

There are 2 hip belts attached in the seat for the passengers. Use these belts on every bike ride for added safety.

6. Plan the route in advance

We recommend using the rickshaw bike on a solid and flat surface, such as a bike path. Therefore, try to plan your route in advance. Be aware that the Chat has a larger turning radius than regular bikes, due to the two front wheels. Take this into account when taking turns. If you come across a threshold while cycling, ride as straight as possible. In this way you firmly cross the threshold with both front wheels at the same time.

6 tips for cycling on the Chat rickshaw bike of Van Raam

Van Raam Chat rickshaw bike

The Chat rickshaw bike from Van Raam is designed to cycle together with adults and/or children who no longer able to participate in traffic on their own. An accompanying person cycles with one or two persons. The two people who join the group as a co-driver are seated next to each other in a specially designed cockpit. The driver sits behind this cockpit and thus has an overview of the road, but also of the occupants. Read more about the Chat on the product page.

Chat rickshaw bike

Customer reviews about the Chat rickshaw bike

Read below how others experienced the Van Raam Chat rickshaw bike.

Chat Rickshaw Bike

"Jan-Willem is a volunteer at Riksja Harderwijk, where he cycles around with people who can't cycle independently (anymore). Recently they received the Chat rikshaw bike from Van Raam."

Riksja Harderwijk - Harderwijk

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Chat Rickshaw Bike

"We would like to thank Van Raam for using the Chat. The residents really enjoyed the bike! Everyone was having a nice chat and felt like the queen! "

Residential care centre and nursing home Debbeshoek Azora - Ulft

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