Bike for disabled people

Research shows that many people do a Google search for an electric bicycle for disabled people. Van Raam produces special needs bicycles  for people with a disability or a limitation.

We think of ourselves as  a manufacturer of bicycles for people who have  problems with a "standard" bicycle. We have several bicycles for people who have a problem with cycling. We produce special bicycles, tricycles, tricycles for children, adult tricycles, tandems, side by side bikes, wheelchair bikes, wheelchair transport bikes, a walking aid and a bicycle for the transport of 8 children.

Pedelec bike for disabled people

All our bikes are available with or without electrical power assist as a Pedelec. Every model can be equipped with electrical pedal assistance, and, if preferred, with a cycling launch control(a launching control when you start to cycle).

We produce each special needs bicycle uniquely, so in its own color and with specific requirements or adaptations such as footrests, cane holders, backrests, eccentric crank or anything else. Van Raam strives to live by the motto:Van Raam makes people mobile. With the right adjustments and adaptations we almost always succeed.

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