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The Van Raam wheel-chair bikes are used to enable a wheelchair dependent person to travel by cycle. Van Raam has two models of wheel-chair bikes: the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and the OPair wheel-chair bike.

In the VeloPlus the passenger can keep sitting in his or her own wheelchair. Virtually any hand-driven wheelchair can be driven and fixed easily on the tilted plateau of the wheelchair by one person without transferring the passenger. The Velo Plus wheelchair transport bike is completely renewed in October 2016!
Check out the page with information about the new Velo Plus wheelchair bike >>

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Photo: wheelchair bikes VeloPlus and OPair

In the OPair the passenger sits in the seat on the front side of the cycle. The standard seating can be adjusted in many ways. A separate seat can also be mounted, if required. Optionally, the wheel-chair part can be detached from the cycle and used independently as a wheelchair. The wheelchair bikes have a number of advantages; they can be taken quite close to the destination, there is social contact between both the persons riding it, one is less dependent on a third person for transportation and they are environment-friendly. The optional power assist makes it possible for virtually anyone and under almost any circumstances to negotiate long distances. 

The OPair wheelchair bike has been completely renewed in 2017 and has better driving comfort with a new modern design and new wheel suspension. The improved comfortable seat for the passenger has a more accessible entry. Read a detailed description + further details on these changed in the following article: 'Discover the new OPair wheelchair bike'.

Available options
Alll wheelchair bikes are available as an electric bike with pedal support, and there are many options available to personalize the bike.
Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for this bike. 


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