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Options, accessories and technical specifications

The inner leg length is the main specification to find the frame height and seat height of the bike. You measure your inner leg length by measuring the length from the crotch to the ground, with your feet flat on the ground about 15 cm apart. Measure this length with shoes. Read more in: 'Inner leg length for adapted Van Raam bikes'.

Every Van Raam bike can be adapted to your personal needs by choosing certain options or accessories. At Van Raam it is possible to put together your personal bike in the online bike configurator tool. When you come and visit Van Raam to make a test ride, you can also try various bikes and options.

A selection of the most sold options can be found on our options page. With the online bike configurator, you can put together your personal bike with all possible options or adaptations. All your selected options are immediately shown in the overview. At the same time, you can see the total price of your unique bike. For an overview of all available options per bike, you can also find these on the price list.

In principle, all Van Raam options are designed to suit Van Raam bikes. It may be possible that some options (for example a mirror or panniers) can be placed on other bikes as well. Please not that this might void the warranty.

Many materials are used to produce a bicycle. It all begins, after the research and design phase, with delivering the raw materials for the bicycles. Van Raam uses mostly steel as frame material for the bicycle frame. The delivered steel tubes are sample checked at delivery. At every step in the production chain, semi-finished products are checked upon quality to see if it’s on an accepted level. A bicycle of guaranteed high quality is the result. Would you like to know more about Van Raam's bicycle material? Then read the article: "What bicycle frame materials is a Van Raam bike made of?"

Every Van Raam bike model has its own default colour. Aside from this there are a few optional colours to choose from. If none of these are what you're looking for, it is also possible to order your bike in one of the possible RAL colours. This way you can have a bike powder coated in a colour to match you, or your corporate identity. You can read more in the article: Default colors for Van Raam bicycles.

Some Van Raam bikes are optionally available with a divisible frame. Some people also call this a folding, or foldable bike. Altough this is not entirely the same, it often does benefit the same goal. A bike that is more easily transportable or takes up less space in storage. You can find out if your desired bike type supports a divisible frame in the online configurator or on the pricelist. You can also visit the option page for more information.

The dimensions of each specific bike type can be found on the productpage of that bike under 'specifications'. In the user manual of each bike, you can also find the specific technical specifications. You can also find these user manuals on the productpage of the bike under 'price/documentation'.

For the Easy Rider tricycle, Fun2Go duo bike, and FunTrain duo bike trailer, bicycle covers are available. Read more about these bicycle covers on the 'Bicycle Covers' option page. Van Raam's advice remains to store your bike indoors whenever possible. We do not offer a waterproof cover for other Van Raam bikes. If there is no other possibility and you have to store your bike outdoors, we advise to buy a breathable waterproof cover from for example a motorcycle store.

All possible options and accessories for Van Raam bikes can be found in the online configurator, or pricelists. You can also have a look at our options page. For the Easy Rider, we have developed a bicycle trailer adapter. With this adapter you can attach a bicycle trailer to your bike. Read more about the bicycle trailer adapter for the Easy rider in the article: Bike trailer adapter for Van Raam's Easy Rider tricycle. Unfortunately we do not have a bicycle trailer adapter available for any other Van Raam bikes.

You can bring a dog on a Van Raam bike. However, make sure to transport the dog safely. It is possible to take the dog on the luggage carrier, for example with a dog bike basket. Pay attention to the weight of the dog and the maximum weight of the luggage carrier of your Van Raam bike. This information can be found on the product page of the respective bike under the heading 'Specifications' and in the bike manual under 'Technical specifications'.

If the weight of the dog exceeds the maximum weight of the luggage carrier, you can also choose, for example, a dog bike trailer behind the Easy Rider tricycle. For this purpose, we have developed a bike trailer adapter. With the adapter, a bike trailer can be attached behind the Easy Rider using a coupling piece. Read more about the bike trailer adapter in the article 'Bike trailer adapter for the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle'. The bike trailer adapter is suitable for all bike trailers that can be mounted on the hub, including dog bike trailers.

For most Van Raam bicycles, various saddles and seats are possible. All possible seats and saddles for Van Raam bicycles can be found in the online configurator or on the pricelist. If you have further questions about possible seats and saddles, we recommend that you contact your Van Raam dealer or Van Raam directly at +31 (0) 315-257370 or

Most options can still be installed on a Van Raam bike afterwards. The options can be ordered and installed by the Van Raam dealer. For some options, such as pedal assistance, the bike will have to be sent to Van Raam. This process is also handled by your Van Raam dealer. All possible options and accessories for Van Raam bikes can be found in the online configurator or on the price list.

The maximum user weight of all Van Raam bike models can be found on the product page of the specific bike under the 'Specifications' section. The more detailed technical specifications can be found in the user manual of each bike, which also includes the maximum load capacity of the luggage carrier. You can find the user manual on the product page of the specific bike under the 'Price/Documentation' section.

You can load your carrier with a maximum of 20 kg, but do not carry people on the carrier. Make sure your baggage does not obstruct the steering wheel. Please note that the extra baggage weight can affect driving.