Customer experience Easy Rider adult tricycle – Gottfried

König Gottfried is 61 years old and he bought the Easy Rider adult tricycle because he had a stroke and his wife has balance problems. Read more about König and his Easy Rider.

Customer experience Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle Konig Gottfried
Customer experience Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle Konig Gottfried

Tried building a tricycle myself

“My name is König Gottfried, I am 61 years old and I live in a village. My hobbies are gardening and woodcutting with a chainsaw. My wife has balance problems and I have had a stroke which has left me unable to ride my standard e-bike.

I was in the process of building my own tricycle and then, by coincidence, I came across Van Raam. I visited the website and immediately found what I was looking for. I visited Van Raam and the test ride and consultation where both great. What a wonderful team Van Raam has!”

“What a wonderful team Van Raam has!”

My Easy Rider adult tricycle

“I ordered the bike through Dreirad-Zentrum Karlsruhe in Rheinstetten (Germany) and the service was super! In terms of options, I have on my Easy Rider tricycle a mirror, a self-made dog bar and a suitcase on the back. For longer distances I also use the Van Raam e-bike app. Nowadays I cycle a lot with our 2 dogs. About 10 kilometres a day. The other day, a passing cyclist said “Cool man!” with his thumbs up. Those are the best moments when cycling. I give the Van Raam Easy Rider adult tricycle a 10, everything is great!”

König Gottfried – Hatzenbühl (Germany)
Bike: Easy Rider adult tricycle