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Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike – Franz Josef Langner

Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike – Franz Josef Langner
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Van Raam received a very nice message from Maria and Franz Josef Langner. The Fun2Go duo bike has brought them new life energy. Read more about their experience and what it means for them.

Fun2Go side by side bike
(RAL 5011) Mat Steel blue
Comfort seat XL, Pedal assist, Baskets, Mirror
Dreirad-Zentrum Worms
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  • customer experience duo bike fun2go van raam franz josef langner
  • van raam customer experience duo bike fun2go franz josef langner

New life energy by Fun2Go duo bike


First of all, let’s introduce ourselves. We are Maria & Franz Josef and we are over 60 years old! Three weeks ago, we bought the Fun2Go. The reason for this was when Maria started suffering a torn meniscus in her knee. Long walks or cycling one after the other is no more. How do we go on? We buy a bike.

The Fun2Go parallel tandem has reawakened our life energy. Two people cycling side by side is really fun!”

The Mercedes of duo bikes.

Franz Josef Langner

"We put the bike together according to our wishes. Van Raam makes it possible! The Mercedes among duo bikes. We have an XL comfort seat, electric motor, basket, and so on. The gears can be changed by two people, it’s ingenious, and the brakes are great.” Maria says: “It’s better than riding a motorbike.”

She’s right, you sit on it and you just want to ride, enjoy together the landscape and get back to beautiful locations. Something we couldn’t do for a long time. We continue to report with our ‘Wunschi1‘, that’s the name of our Fun2Go. Today we have made a beautiful bike tour of 20 km and the curious eyes of people passing by were looking along. Many said that they have never seen anything like it. We answered with pleasure and gave the tip: Worms Hagenstraße e-motion bicycle dealer. There you can find Van Raams Fun2Go duo bike.

Maria & Franz Josef"

E-motion e-Bike Welt Worms has also shared a beautiful video of Maria and Franz Josef on Facebook. You can watch the video on Facebook.

Franz Josef Langner - Heppenheim
Bike: Fun2Go duo bike

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