Protection screen Fun2Go side by side bike

In times of corona it becomes difficult to keep your distance when you want to make a ride on the Fun2Go 1 side by side bike. Therefore Van Raam offers the option of a protection screen, a physical barrier between the driver and passenger. This allows people to make a ride together on the Fun2Go 1, without (possibly) infecting the other.

Side by side bike protection screen Van Raam
Van Raam duo bike Fun2Go protection screen
Protection screen Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam cycling corona

Order the protection screen at a Van Raam dealer

You can order the protection screen at Van Raam dealers, while stock last. Find your nearest dealer on the dealer page. The screen can be mounted on the Fun2Go 1 bicycle and older Van Raam side by side bikes.

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Video: placing the protection screen

In the video below you can see how you can easily place and remove the protection screen on the Fun2Go side by side bike yourself. Want to know more about the protection screen? See the article 'Fun2Go duo bike with protection screen in times of corona'.

Configure your own bike

Configure your own Fun2Go 1 side by side tandem bike with a protection screen? With the online configurator tool you have the possibility to configure your own bike in easy steps.

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