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For each Van Raam bicycle there are a lot of options available to configure the bike to your own specifications. Besides the basic options Van Raam also provides custom modifications. 

The options available for your bike are classified per type bike. You can find these options in the pricelist of the bike of your choice. The price list of the Van Raam bicycles shows the costs of the accessories and which are available for that specific bicycle.

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Preferred control option Van Raam bikes

Preferred control

The preferred control option is often chosen by people with reduced muscle strength or mobility in one hand.

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Fixation vest for adults Van Raam special needs bike

Fixation vest

The fixation vest is designed to be worn over the chest of a person on a bicycle, ensuring proper fixation for the user. The fixation vest is available in various sizes.

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Lap belt child and adult Van Raam

Lap belt

With a lap belt, you secure your thighs to the seat of your bicycle. This ensures you stay in place while cycling, preventing slippage.

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Van Raam tricycle with cube easy release

Cube easy release

The Cube easy release is a convenient addition to the Cube battery of your Van Raam bicycle. The lever ensures that the Cube battery release button can be pressed with less force.

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van raam pedal assist

Pedal assist

Van Raam has its own electrical pedal support; the Silent System. The motor, battery, controller, smart display and software are developed especially for special needs bikes.

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Van Raam special needs bike with mirror


For extra safety while cycling, a mirror can be mounted on the handlebars. With a mirror, you can easily look behind you without turning your head or upper body.

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Option foot fixation on Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem

Foot fixation

With many Van Raam bicycles it is possible to mount foot fixation on one or more pedals. This provides you with more stability and security while cycling.

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SmartGuard Tyre Easy Rider Compact tricycle Van Raam

SmartGuard tyre

With a SmartGuard tyre, it is (when used correctly) nearly impossible to get a flat tire. An additional layer in the tire provides protection against punctures.

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Stick holder tricycle Maxi Van Raam

Stick holder

Do you use a walking stick or crutches? With the double stick holder for Van Raam's special needs bikes, you can easily take them with you during a bike ride.

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Armrest foldable Fun2Go side by side bike Van Raam

Armrests (foldable)

It is possible to extend some of our bicycles with armrests. These armrests are foldable and can be easily folded down after taking a seat on the bike.

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Easy Sport recumbent trike with one-hand-operated lock Van Raam

One-hand-operated lock

The one-hand-operated lock option is easy for people who can use only one arm or hand while cycling. This option also provides a solution for individuals with balance problems.

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Hip belt Fun2Go Van Raam

Hip belt

With a hip belt, you can secure yourself more firmly to the bicycle seat. This ensures a more secure and safer riding experience. You wrap the belt around your hip.

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You can also assemble your own bicycle with the online configuration tool and here you will also find a list of possible options and accessories.