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  • Protection screen Fun2Go duo bike Van Raam cycling corona
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  • Protection screen rickshaw bike Chat
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  • Van Raam Chat rickshaw protection screen
  • Van Raam protection screen Chat rickshaw bike
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Van Raam has several bicycles where you can sit with two persons next to each other. To prevent possible (corona) contamination between both persons, Van Raam has developed a protection screen. By placing the transparent screen between the two people, everyone keeps a good view and it is also possible to have a chat with each other. 

Order the protection screen at a Van Raam dealer

You can order this option from your Van Raam dealer. It is also possible to have this option mounted on your bike afterward by your dealer.

  • A physical barrier
  • The partition screen is easy to attach and remove
  • Easy to clean

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€ 135 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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