Van Raam's narrow adult tricycle


Van Raam's narrow adult tricycle

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Van Raam's narrow adult tricycle

Would you like a narrow tricycle for adults? Look no further. Van Raam offers several narrow tricycles in its range. Read more about this in this article.

Van Raam's range of tricycles

Van Raam offers various types of narrow adult tricycles in its range. The tricycles can be divided into the following categories:

  • Traditional tricycle

  • Low step through tricycle

  • Tricycle with seating

  • Tricycle with 2 wheels in front

Although all single-person tricycles from Van Raam are narrow, for example, they all fit through a doorway, we will highlight the 2 narrowest tricycles in this article.

van raam tricycles for adults and seniors

Tricycle for children and small adults

The Easy Rider Compact is a tricycle with a seat specially designed for children and small adults. This gives the bike a sleek design. The bike is suitable for children and adults with an inseam length of approximately 63 cm to 81 cm. This corresponds to a body height of around 1.40 to 1.70 meters.

Van Raam's narrow adult tricycle

Benefits of a narrow adult tricycle

The Easy Rider Compact offers several advantages due to its narrow design, namely:

  • Agile due to small turning circle
  • Easy to store due to compact design
  • Low step through

View the Easy Rider Compact

Narrow mobility scooter bike from Van Raam

Another narrow adult tricycle from Van Raam is the Easy Go mobility scooter bike. The Easy Go is only 72 cm wide and suitable for individuals with an inseam length of approximately 78 cm to 90 cm. The Easy Go can be used both as a tricycle and as a mobility scooter. This makes the bike highly suitable for individuals with varying energy levels.

Electric bike and scooter trike Easy Go Van Raam

Benefits of the narrow mobility scooter bike

  • More compact than a mobility scooter
  • (Electric) bike and mobility scooter combined
  • Fits through a standard door

Curious about all the benefits of the Easy Go? Click the button below to go to the product page.

View the Easy Go

The width of Van Raam tricycles

Curious about the width of all adult tricycles from Van Raam? Read the article 'What is the width of a Van Raam tricycle?' In this article, you will also find out that a tricycle is not much wider than a regular bicycle.

Customer experiences from Van Raam users

Interested in how others experience the Easy Rider Compact and Easy Go? Read the customer experiences below.

Cycling with Parkinson's on the Van Raam Easy Rider Compact e tricycle
8 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider Compact e tricycle – Rosemarie
Rosemarie can no longer ride a two-wheeler due to Parkinson’s. After taking a test ride, she opts for the Easy Rider Compact e tricycle with pedal assistance. In this customer experience, she shares her story.
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Easy Rider Compact tricycle bike customer experience Van Raam
9 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider Compact tricycle - Annemieke
Annemieke has polyarthrosis, scoliosis, and two knee prostheses. As a result, she doesn't have enough strength to ride a standard bicycle. Thanks to the Easy Rider Compact tricycle bike, she can enjoy moving outdoors again. Read more about her experience here.
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User experience scooter bike Easy Go Van Raam Ankie van den Bosch
9 / 10
Customer experience scooter bike Easy Go - Ankie van den Bosch
When they discovered I have Multiple Sclerosis* in 2000, I already had an e-bike for several years. Because my strength and energy continued to decrease, cycling became unsafe and I became insecure. It became difficult to get out of the car, to get away at a traffic light or to brake. And all this began to demand a lot of effort in traffic. I got scared when the wind was very strong. I avoided bridges and dunes.
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Trying out a narrow adult tricycle

Are you curious if a narrow adult tricycle is right for you? Then take a test ride at one of our dealers. Check out the dealer page to see which Van Raam dealer is near you and contact them for more information.

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