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Customer experience scooter bike Easy Go - Ankie van den Bosch

User experience scooter bike Easy Go Van Raam Ankie van den Bosch
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When they discovered I have Multiple Sclerosis* in 2000, I already had an e-bike for several years. Because my strength and energy continued to decrease, cycling became unsafe and I became insecure. It became difficult to get out of the car, to get away at a traffic light or to brake. And all this began to demand a lot of effort in traffic. I got scared when the wind was very strong. I avoided bridges and dunes.

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Searching for a special needs bike

Looking for a solution (getting side wheels, a tricycle or a mobility scooter?) we saw all kinds of adaptive bikes made by Van Raam on the internet. The Easy Go scooter bike looked like a good solution. We called Van Raam and made an appointment for a test ride and an extensive explanation in Varsseveld.

Making an appointment at Van Raam in Varsseveld

The information and explanation were extensive and realistic. I made a test ride on the private property of Van Raam. It was clear that the Easy Go scooter bike was a solution for me. Before we purchased the bike, I really wanted to experience the bike in my own environment.

Cycling on the scooter bike is something you must get used to. It is a different kind of bicycle. You have to switch off your own sense of balance. A sloping road is still a bit scary.

Ankie van den Bosch

Because we knew for certain that I needed the scooter bike, it was possible for me to lend a scooter bike for a week. The Hulpmiddelen Centrum (centre where you can get physical aids) arranged that for me. I cycled a lot in that week. Through the dunes and wind, it all went wonderful. Though, cycling on the scooter bike is something you must get used to. It is a different kind of bicycle. You have to switch off your own sense of balance. A sloping road is still a bit scary.

Advantages scooter bike Easy Go

For me, the points below are advantages of the Easy Go:

  • I am moving, without using a lot of power.

  • Because it is not only a bicycle, but also a mobility scooter, I can go anywhere. Also, I can cycle on the pavement and go into shops.

  • The scooter bike is very light and has a small turning circle.

  • Cycling backwards is super convenient with parking.

  • If there’s a lot of wind or if I am to tired, I can use the mobility scooter function for more power.

  • We didn’t expect this; but we are still able to cycle next to each other. We can live with cycling a maximum of 18 kilometers per hour.

  • But the best part is that the Easy Go feels like a bicycle. The scooter bike brakes like a bike and slowly stops when braking. Because of this you do not suddenly stop. If you do need to stop quickly, you can use the hand brakes instead of releasing the gas (like a mobility scooter). This feels much more natural for me.

  • You can simply recharge the battery between the rides.

  • The Easy Go scooter bike looks nice, I hear this a lot. Even if people don’t need the bike for themselves, it’s nice if they say: “This bike is really something for my...” or “If I every need something like this, I would like to have the Easy Go!”

  • With some effort, he fits in our Renault Kangoo.

Areas of concern for the Easy Go scooter bike

There are a few areas of concern:

  • Not a lot of storage space

  • The lock on the small front wheel is impractical

  • To use the little brake at the handlebar grip, you need a lot of strength. Even if I use my both hands, I can’t use it. For most handicaps, this is a failure.

  • The turning circle of the pedals is smaller than a regular bike, so you have to pedal more.


All in all, I think the Easy Go is a fantastic thing. I enjoy cyclingagain and the cycling is more relaxing. I can also cycle much longer. It makes me grateful that there are people who invent and design something like this for others.

Ankie van den Bosch - Noord Holland (the Netherlands)
Model: Easy Go

Additional explanation

* : Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the protective and insulating layer around the nerves in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves (central nervous system) is damaged. This can cause problems with walking, feeling and seeing and other things.

** : To make it easier to lock the bike, there is the option of a single-handed lock. You can lock this with one hand, so that you can use your other hand to lean on something, for example. This option can be ordered at Van Raam.

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