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Van Raam produces sustainable cranks using a metal printer

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Metal printer Van Raam

Van Raam has been producing shortened and eccentric cranks with a metal printer since 2023. This has many advantages, including that this innovative way of producing is much more sustainable.

Custom-made cranks for the customer

Van Raam produces custom-made bicycles, including custom-made cranks. Cranks are the connecting pieces between the pedals and the bottom bracket of the bicycle. When someone needs a customized crank, Van Raam looks at the possibilities. A shortened crank or an eccentric crank can then provide a solution. With a shortened and eccentric crank, you ensure that the cyclist can make a smaller knee movement while cycling. This is adjusted to the knee flexion/hip movement that is possible.

Eccentric crank options special needs bikes Van Raam

Production of cranks

Previously, custom-made cranks were made from existing cranks. For an eccentric crank, for example, a part was ground out of an existing crank and then welded back together. Because an eccentric crank consists of 2 parts, 2 existing cranks were used for this. The part that was ground out in between was discarded, which caused material loss.

Metal printer Van Raam

Metal printer for customization

With the advent of the metal printer, Van Raam can 3D print custom-made cranks with an optimal shape and minimal material loss. For this, Van Raam uses a special computer model of the crank parts that is easily adaptable and printable for each individual crank. This allows Van Raam to produce custom-made cranks quickly and in a sustainable way.

Video of the metal printer 

Watch the video below to see how eccentric cranks are printed with the metal printer.

Innovation at Van Raam

Innovation is a top priority at Van Raam. We are continuously looking for innovations in the field of production and sustainability. Read more about this on the Innovation page.


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