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In Vinkel (Noord-Brabant, a province in the Netherlands) it is possible to rent a duo trike free of charge. A while ago, some active people in Vinkel founded the working group Duofiets (duo bike). They have been able to purchase a duo trike and from 1 April 2021 it is possible to cycle together with a volunteer / cycling buddy.

Duo trike via fundraising and subsidy

For a group of people from Vinkel, who can't or don't dare to cycle independently or who don't feel safe cycling alone and/or need support, Werkgroep Duofiets has been able to buy an electric duo trike. Werkgroep Duofiets comments on Wilskrachtvinkel: "Cycling is relaxing, healthy and fun. As soon as the weather is nice, you see a lot of cyclists in our beautiful region. However, there is also a group of people in Vinkel who would like to do this but can no longer do this on their own."

The duo trike was purchased through fundraising and subsidy. The subsidy providers for this bicycle are; Kansfonds, Oranjefonds, Gemeente (municipality) 's-Hertogenbosch (Wijkbudget), ANWB Fonds, RCOAK (Rooms Catholijk Oude Armen Kantoor) and Rabobank Clubsupport. In addition, a contribution was made from the reserves of KBO Vinkel. (Source:

van raam fun2go duo trike rental in Vinkel

Tips for the purchase of a duo trike

Workgroup Duofiets has been able to buy the duo trike via fundraising and subsidy. Read more tips on purchasing a Fun2Go in the article 'Tips for raising money for a special needs bike'.

Cycling together with the Fun2Go

The duo tricycle Fun2Go is suitable for two people, on this bike you sit next to each other and you cycle together. A duo trike is also called a duo bikeor side-by-side tandem. In Vinkel, the bike can be used with a cycling buddy, these are volunteers from the town of Vinkel. A cycling buddy makes a cycling tour together with a cycling guest.

Werkgroep Duofiets comments on Wilskrachtvinkel: "The cycling guests from Vinkel get the chance to enjoy the outdoors and to visit the beautiful places in the area. This improves the cohesion and well-being of the people in our village."

fun2go duo trike van raam

The cycling guests from Vinkel get the chance to enjoy the outdoors and to visit the beautiful places in the area.

Renting a duo trike free of charge

As of April 1, the workgroup wants to start renting out the duo trike for free in Vinkel, but a voluntary contribution is always welcome. Interested people can only borrow the bicycle with a regular cycling buddy. Before departure, there will be a short explanation of the pedal support and the bicycle will have a protection screen because of the coronavirus.

The working group will work with a reservation agenda, via the mail address the duofiets can be booked or volunteers can sign up as a cycling buddy.

More about the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike

A duo trike is also called a duo bike or side-by-side tandem. The Van Raam Fun2Go is a tricycle on which the cyclists sit next to each other. One person controls the bike, both can pedal. Because you sit side by side, you both have a good view of the road and of each other. This seating position also allows you to communicate well with each other. Getting on and off the bike is easy, because the Fun2Go has no entry.

The Fun2Go can be expanded with all kinds of options and accessories, such as pedal support, a swivel chair, belts or a protection screen.

Read more about the Fun2Go on the product page.

Fun2Go product page

fun2go duo trike with protection screen
Van Raam Fun2Go duo trike with protection screen

Rent a duo trike at Van Raam Dealers

Not able to rent the Fun2Go duo bike in Vinkel? It is also possible to rent the bicycle at some Van Raam dealers. These rental options ensure that you can try out the Fun2Go in your own time and at your own pace. In addition, the Fun2Go also offers the opportunity to enjoy a fun day out together.
Check the dealer page for the possibilities to rent at a dealer.

van raam fun2go duo trike


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