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special needs bike

Mrs. Zock from Germany sent us an email with her special needs bike, the Easy Rider Junior from Van Raam, with splitt frame and electric pedal support, in the lead role. For five years she enjoys riding her tricycle, with which she has cycled 2500 km. Please note: the name Easy Rider Junior has been changed to Easy Rider Small since 2023.


The Easy Rider Junior, a comfortable tricycle with seating suitable for people who have difficulties with stability. The Easy Rider junior has a low step through and  a seating with backrest that provides more support. The tricycle frame has a suspension fort optimal comfort. This special needs bike is available with several options.

Mrs. Zock has chosen  a mirror, an electric engine fort power assist and a detachable frame. Each Van Raam bike is accessible in many colors, as well as the Easy Rider Junior. Mrs. Zock wanted the bike in the same color as the car of her sisters. So she choose a red one.

special needs bike

Small size bike 

What stands out at the Easy Rider Junior is the small frame. Because the frame is smaller than the normal Easy Rider this tricycle is perfect for children or less tall people, as Mrs. Zock. “With my Easy Rider Junior with 16-inch wheels I can cycle on bumpy roads” she says.  

Pedal support 

Van Raam has a unique designed electric power assist system, where you have to pedal along and by the new tricycle models you can even cycle in reverse with the electric assist switched on. The electrical support on her tricycle helps Mrs. Zock to cycle longer distances and with the pedal support is also easy to come up on steep slopes. The longest tours that Mrs. Zock made were from Echternach to Konz (32 km) and from Kell am See to Trier (43 km). She prefers cycling on the cycle way, but at an ordinary road she can bike to.

Splitt frame 

As an additional option Mrs. Zock had chosen for a detachable frame. In not time she can fold the Easy Rider Junior so that the tricycle can be easily transported by car. On the photo on the right side you can see the Easy Rider Junior with the split frame. 

splitt frame tricycle

See below the article that has been written about Margret Zock, already 5 enjoying her special needs bike, the Easy Rider Junior.

easy rider junior tricycle 20-1
easy rider junior tricycle 20-2
Article and photos from Lebenshilfe Trier- Saarburg e.V

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