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New Van Raam E-Bike app

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e bike app van raam 2018

From 1-11-2018 a new Van Raam E-Bike app is available. The Van Raam E-Bike (bicycle) app is a free smartphone app that you can use while cycling on your electric Van Raam bike. This app can be used as a luxurious bike computer for all Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance. Furthermore, the app includes other additional features such as an SOS function and a function which allows you to adjust the pedal assistance while cycling.

The old app is no longer supported from this moment on and it is therefore important to download the new app. In the event of future changes, the update will take place in the new Van Raam app.

What do you have to do now, one-time only?

1. Remove the old Van Raam E-Bike app from your phone.
2. Download the new Van Raam E-Bike app in the Apple App Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

If you already had an account with the old Van Raam app you do not have to create a new account, you can log in with your current login details.
We wish you a lot of cycling fun with the new Van Raam E-Bike app.

e-bike app van raam

How to install the new Van Raam E-Bike app?

The Van Raam dashboard application is available for Android (Google) and iOS (iPhone/Apple) and available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

All information about the Van Raam E-Bike app can be found on the special app-page.

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