Parent child tandem bicycle Kivo and tandem tricycle Kivo Plus Van Raam


From what age is a parent-child tandem suitable?

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Parent child tandem bicycle Kivo and tandem tricycle Kivo Plus Van Raam

In Van Raam's bicycle range are the Kivo and the Kivo Plus. These are tandems suitable for a parent or caregiver with a child. Discover more in this article about these parent-child tandems and from what age they are suitable.

Age and inseam length of a person

Many people want to know from what age a certain bicycle is suitable for someone. Often age gives a good indication, but this is not always the case. A person's height is even more important in determining the right bike than age. For example, if a person is shorter than average, or has longer legs.

It is therefore better to look at a person's inseam length. With this measurement you know immediately whether someone fits on a particular bike. In this article, in addition to age, the inseam length will be particularly highlighted.

Discover in the article ‘Inner leg length for adapted Van Raam bikes’ how to measure this.

Parent child tandem bicycle Kivo and tandem tricycle Kivo Plus Van Raam

Parent-child tandem: what age is suitable?

Van Raam has the Kivo and the Kivo Plus in its range. Both are tandems for a parent or supervisor with a child sitting at the front of the bike.

The average age of children who can ride the Kivo and Kivo Plus is approximately 3 to 12 years. But, as indicated, the inseam length is most important.

Inseam length for the Kivo and Kivo Plus

The Kivo and Kivo Plus are both available with a standard frame, lowered frame and raised frame. Each frame is designed for a specific inseam length of a child, which means that for each frame size there is a certain range of suitable inseam length. This is as follows:

Tandem bike for parent and child Kivo Van Raam balance pedals

Type frameInseam length
Lowered frame46 to 58 cm
Standard frame50 to 62 cm
Raised frame59 to 71 cm

Keep in mind that if the frame is adjusted for the child, the frame for the rider is also adjusted. See the dimensional drawing on the product page of the Kivo or Kivo Plus to view the inseam lengths of this.

Van Raam parent and child tandems Kivo and Kivo Plus

The big difference between the Kivo and Kivo Plus parent-child tandems and regular tandems is that these are suitable for a supervisor/adult with a child or small person. This makes it possible to go out on the bike with a child who cannot participate in traffic independently. As indicated above, the average age of the child suitable for the parent-child tandem is between 3 and 12 years.

The difference between the Kivo and Kivo Plus is that the Kivo Plus has two wheels at the rear, and is therefore a three-wheel tandem, which provides extra stability.

The rider always sits behind the child and has a good view of the road and the child. The rider also has full control, even over whether or not the child must (obligatorily) pedal along while cycling. In addition, many options are possible for both tandems. This allows the bike to be specifically tailored to the required needs.

Electric tricycle tandem Kivo plus and two wheel tandem Kivo

Want to try out the Kivo or Kivo Plus parent-child tandem yourself?

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