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Disabled tricycle from Van Raam

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Disabled  tricycle from Van Raam

Van Raam is a manufacturer of adapted bicycles that are especially suitable for people with a disability or for people who want more safety. A Van Raam disabled tricycle therefore offers you many advantages and mobility. In this article you can read more about the Van Raam disabled tricycle.

Disability trike advantages

Van Raam has been producing bicycles for almost 110 years. Each bicycle and disability trikeis individually produced according to your wishes and needs, so you have more mobility and also safety and stability when cycling. Our goal is to offer sustainable and contemporary mobility to as many people as possible. Would you like to know more about Van Raam? Read more on the page "About us".
All Van Raam tricycles offer you many general advantages and individual benefits. In addition to the added benefit of being mobile again, the Van Raam disability trikes offer the following advantages:

  • Stopping without getting off
  • You do not have to keep the balance yourself
  • Ensures stability and safety when cycling 

Disabled tricycle assortment

Van Raam has more than one disability trike people in its assortment. These include: 

  • Comfortable disabled tricycle for adultsfor disabled people

  • Disabled tricycles with low entry

  • Tricycles with two wheels in front

  • Scooter tricycle for disabled people

  • Comfortable disabled tricycle for adults

  • Traditional tricycles

Every disability trike that falls into one of these categories has its own characteristics and features. Each bicycle is individual and is produced according to your wishes and needs. See below our different tricycles for people with disabilities:

Disabled tricycle assortment Van Raam

  • Comfortable disabled tricycles Easy Sport and Easy Rider Van Raam

    Comfortable disabled tricycle

    A tricycle with a low entry, a seat with back support and a forward pedaling motion. A low center of gravity makes the bike feel familiar and safe immediately. The other cycling position puts much less pressure on the back, neck and shoulders. Of this type of tricycle there is an adult version, the Easy Rider and a more compact version, the Easy Rider Compact. An even smaller version is the Easy Rider Small and there is a sporty version with lower handlebars, the Easy Sport.

  • Traditional disabled tricycle Midi and Maxi Van Raam

    Traditional tricycles

    The traditional tricycle is a bicycle with two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front, with the saddle over the bottom bracket. You pedal almost straight down and sit relatively high on the bike. With a front wheel, these bicycle models are very agile, which is because almost all Van Raam bicycles are equipped with a differential. The disabled tricycles Midi and Maxi belong to this type of bicycle. 

  • Disabled tricycle with low entry Maxi Comfort Van Raam

    Disabled tricycle with low entry

    The Maxi Comfort is a variant of the traditional tricycle. It has a deep spacious entrance and a different seating position. Your seat position is slightly lower and you can always reach the ground with both legs and still make the optimal knee movement. The other seat position puts less pressure on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists. For many people this bike is easier to ride than a traditional tricycle. 

  • Disabled tricycle from Van Raam with two wheels in front

    Tricycle with two wheels in front

    The Viktoria and Viktor is for people who have problems estimating the width on a tricycle, there is a tricycle with two tires in front and one wheel in the back. This allows the rider of the bike to judge at any time whether he can ride through or along any part of the road. This type of bicycle is also called T-Bike or Trike. With this bike you sit over the bottom bracket as with the traditional disabled tricycle.

  • Disabled tricycle from Van Raam scooter bike tricycle

    Scooterbike for disabled

    The Easy Go was developed for people with unstable condition or changing energy. On this disabled tricycle you have three choices among which you can change easily and safely at any time: You ride completely under your own power, you ride with electric pedal assistance and pedal yourself or you ride with 100% electric assistance. With the adjustable double suspension you get a stable and comfortable ride on the electric tricycle.

Have a look at all tricycles for disabled people.

All tricycles

Disabled electric tricycle

Each of the above mentioned disabled tricycles mentioned in the article can be optionally equipped as disabled electric tricycle with electric pedal support.
An electric tricycle for disabled people from Van Raam is equipped with Van Raam's own system, the Silent System. This award-winning system is developed for Van Raam itself. All handicapped tricycles with pedal assistance are delivered as Smart E-Bikes.

All extras and advantages are possible with the Van Raam E-Bike App. So you can not only see your biked routes, but also where your bike is parked - this is especially good against theft or if you are looking for your bike in a parking lot. For more information about pedal support, please see the pedal support page.

Electric pedal support

Disabled electric tricycle E-Bike app Van Raam

See more options?

Do you want to know which options are suitable for which bike? Go to the product page and see the price list. Another option is to configure the desired bike. Here you will also find all options that fit the bike. And you can configure your dream bike step by step.

Configure your bike

Tricycle for disabled children

Are you looking for a tricycle for a handicapped child and would like to have different possibilities to be mobile with your child again? Van Raam also offers various tricycles for children that are tailored to your needs. Read more on the page "Tricycles for children".

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