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Cycling without Age started in Arnhem and Rheden

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fun on the chat rickshaw bike van raam

The volunteers of the foundation Cycling without Age (in Dutch: Fietsen alle Jaren) take vulnerable or no longer mobile people for a bike ride in a rickshaw. Jaap Huurman is one such volunteer who wants to ride a rickshaw in the Arnhem and Rheden regions. However, he is still looking for other volunteers who want to join him in his efforts for Cycling without Age.

Foundation Cycling without Age throughout the Netherlands

Cycling without Age (called Fietsen alle Jaren in the NL) was set up in the Netherlands 2014 by Boi Huisman in Nijmegen. He got the idea for it in Denmark. There he saw Ole Kassow (of Cycling Without Age) making people from the local nursing home happy with free rides on a rickshaw bike. By 2021, Cycling All Years will have become an independent foundation with initiatives in over 15 cities.

jaap huurman from cycling without age
Jaap Huurman from Cycling without Age. Picture: Clip from 'De kracht van samen' - RTV Arnhem

Cycling without Age in Arnhem and Rheden

Jaap Huurman would like to work as a volunteer in Arnhem and Rheden. In the program 'De Kracht van Samen' (The Power of Together) he tells presenter Gabrielle Kroos about his motivation. 'It's nice to be outdoors and active. In addition, it is also very pleasant to deal with the people. You make them happy with a bike ride, something they can no longer do on their own. Arnhem and Rheden are still a white spot on the map at the moment, and I would like to change that.'

fun on the chat rickshaw bike van raam
Picture: Clip from 'De kracht van samen' - RTV Arnhem

You make them happy with a bike ride, something they can no longer do on their own.

Video: Cycling without Age in 'De Kracht van Samen'

Watch the video below in which Jaap Huurman talks about Cycling without Age in the RTV Arnhem program 'De Kracht van Samen'. Also Marnix Kwant, Sales & Marketing manager at Van Raam, tells about Van Raam.

Volunteers wanted for the rickshaw bike

Jaap hopes that more people will sign up as volunteers for Cycling without Age in Arnhem and Rheden. People who sign up for a ride on the rickshaw are matched with a volunteer. At the moment, I am only a volunteer for the Arnhem/Rheden region. That is actually too little.'

cycling without age chat rickshaw bike
Picture: Clip from 'De kracht van samen' - RTV Arnhem

More about Cycling without Age

Would you like to learn more about the Cycling without Age Foundation? Then check out the Cycling without Age website and learn everything you want to know.

Cycling without Age

Chat rickshaw bike from Van Raam

In the video Jaap uses the Chat rickshaw bike from Van Raam. This bicycle is developed by Van Raam in collaboration with Cycling Without Age. Read more about the development of the Chat rickshaw bike in the article 'Rickshaw Chat the social transport bike by Van Raam'. With the Chat, the driver sits behind the cockpit in which 2 people can sit. The driver has a good overview of the road and passengers. Read below some advantages of the Chat:

chat rickshaw bike van raam for cycling trips
  • Pedal support (Smart E-Bike)
  • Suitable for one driver and two passengers
  • Optimal supervision of co-drivers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dutch Design
  • Every ride is an event
  • Easy control
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Free Van Raam E-Bike app
  • Easy access because of an adjustable footplate
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